Friday, February 7, 2014


When choosing somewhere to go for 5 days Copenhagen, Denmark really wasn’t the first places I thought of. I have always wanted to go to Scandinavia, but didn’t think it would start off in Denmark. Nevertheless after spending what we thought was a reasonable hotel and flight cost we headed off. Although Copenhagen isn’t a city filled with historical sites, palaces and museums, it's fair to say there is enough to do there for 5 days worth.

When it comes to holidays, you always expect to pay a little more for things, treating yourself to eating out every night and the occasional drink before dinner, but honestly coming from Zurich, Switzerland, I can full-heartedly say, Copenhagen is expensive. Paying nearly 4 pounds for a Chai Latte may not seem dire when just walking for hours in -2 degrees, but adding it altogether, it isn’t the cheapest of places. Regardless, there are places where you do get good deals. Experiencing all you can eat running sushi for the first time was incredible and a good bargain. Copenhagen National Museum, and the Kastellet fortress are free, brilliant.

One of the highlights, definitely as students, was to visit the Carlsberg brewery. Now talk about a deal.  Not only do you get to walk around the brewery itself, pet horses (random I know) and see the largest collection of unopened beer  (very exciting for men), you get two free beers at the end of it. Tickets aaround 8 pounds each. Well worth the money. Well…in a Scandinavian country that is. Regardless, it’s safe to say this is no Magaluf, you will not find 3 shots, 4 beers and a bottle of apple sourz for 5 Euros, but instead look around quite a picturesque city, very ideal for photography fanatics.

The trip gave me an opportunity to take out my Canon, which I rarely do (guilty) and furthermore sleep somewhere with a double bed and when I come back it’s all perfectly pristine every day (unlike student accommodation). Although a mild problem with the language barrier, figuring out whether or not “Tak” was your welcome or thank you was problematic, I’m still glad I can now say, Scandinavia, tick. 


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