Sunday, April 19, 2015

Athens - Day 1 ☼

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and words cannot describe what was the best holiday I've had in a very long time - Day 1 -14th April 2015, Athens - Greece

1:45am - Catching a 5am flight is always tough, but it makes it a little less awful when you're traveling to Greece where the temperature is mid twenties!

13:00pm - National Botanical Gardens - Located directly behind the greek parliament building, surrounding 38 acres. Home of turtles, orange trees and of course, some Ice cream. 

18:00pm - The view from our hotel, The Athens Gate hotel - The Acropolis & The Temple of Zeus in the near distance

20:00 pm - Our first taste of authentic Greek food at Liondi - The baked feta cheese with sausage was the best thing that I've had in a very long time *mouth watering at the memory of it* 


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