Tuesday, April 7, 2015


After our trip to Milan we headed off to Venice. Now, because we were in Milan, and a pastry shop was next to our hotel, we just HAD to pick up a few cannoli's! I've been a fan of these ever since I saw Buddy Valastro on TLC's cake boss, pumping fresh cream into these crispy shells *mouth waters all onto computer keyboard*.
Due to Venice being pedestrianized, which has been the best idea since sliced bread, it meant we were able to a) leave the car in a parking house, knowing that we didn't have to worry about it for the day and b) we could aimlessly wonder Venice's streets without being worried we'd be knocked down (which was a constant threat in Milan!) We started off, of course, roaming the canals of Venice. They were.... absolutely beautiful. Although there was an overcast the whole of Venice was still so picturesque. The Grand Canal is a must see when traveling there, even though my dad was looking out mostly for any buildings that looked similar to the scenes in James Bond's Casino Royale. 
The Palazzo Ducale was our next stop, a grand square home to the Saint Mark's Basilica. Unfortunately we appeared to be in Italy at the height of tourism and the lines were  ridiculously long, which meant a tour of the outside was the only thing we would be getting. Still, the outside was absurdly beautiful.
Now I'm a bit of a souvenir collector, as in souvenirs that will never be useful once in my life. Which is why I picked up a Venetian masquerade mask. We didn't want to rush into buying the first one we saw as many of them can come up to 100 euros, which we were NOT going to pay! Instead, I settled for this beautiful mask, which was only 3 euros, the best find I thought, and with the most gorgeous colours. University, please randomly host a masquerade ball!
Naturally we stopped off for lunch, chowing down on some pasta and overpriced alcohol (does anyone else have this problem in Italy or just us?!) and carried on our walking tour. Now, my sense of directions has never been "great" as my boyfriend will remind everyone from that time we walked 45 minutes in the wrong direction in Copenhagen to find the Zoo, but I was pretty proud of myself.
Taking my parents around Venice via the "scenic route" as I like to call it, we walked through Dorsoduro. One of the great things about this area is the lack of crowds and selfie sticks (not that I'm against them, as I'm totally purchasing one). There were so many quint shops, alleyways and of course Gelateria's that I picked myself up a stracciatella ice cream *mouth waters reminiscing*.
Now Venice is definitely somewhere I want to come back to but a time when the masses of tourists aren't there. I would love to come back and be able to spend the time and money on going on a Gondola (can I just say, it's nothing like in the movies any more! Hardly any of them wear the stripy t-shirts, hats and Italian pointy shoes.They are all wearing Nike shoes and a yellow parka jacket) and also go on a boat ride along the Grand Canal. 

By then time we made our way out of Dorsoduro we were back at the car park and ready for our next adventure....


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