Saturday, May 16, 2015

Product Raves: My Reviews 2

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation

I've been contemplating buying the Nars Sheer Glow foundation for months.After finishing my trusty bottle of Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation, I thought it was time to join the herd and purchase it. Usually a 30ml bottle costs £31 however I was lucky enough to get this on sale for £28 from House of Fraser the other week. I have never loved a foundation more in my whole entire life. My Rimmel Lasting Finish foundation is only a distant memory.

Firstly the packaging of the Nars Sheer Glow foundation is beautiful (even though this is the least important part of the product). It comes in a glass bottle which appearance wise, looks very sleek and modern. The one downfall about this foundation is that there is no pump on the bottle. I was aware that I would most likely get a bottle without a pump before buying but in the end, it doesn't really make that much difference. It only requires you to be a little bit more careful when applying to the back of your hand. I was matched a few months prior to purchasing the foundation to the shade "Mont Blanc". I have to say this was the first time a woman at a make-up counter has matched me to the correct colour. I use the Real Techniques Beauty Blender to blend this foundation and it blends so smoothly and easily onto the skin. Although the name includes the word "Glow" this foundation is in no way overly dewy and in fact gives your skin a matte look but doesn't make your skin look flat and dull at all. Along with easily application, you don't need too much to cover your face. I like to usually put a medium coverage on my skin (only because I don't like my freckles; yup, I'm one of those) and this only requires (if there was a pump) around one-and-a-half pumps worth of foundation. I've already received loads of compliments from wearing this foundation saying that it looks so natural.
My verdict:  ★

Too Faced, "Better Than Sex Mascara"
I’ve been holding onto my Maybelline mascara for quite a while, just because it was cheap and reminded me of when I was fourteen and first went and bought mascara. This time traveling to Athens I felt the need to grow up a little more and buy  a new mascara. Zoe Sugg has mentioned multiple times her love for this and usually I’m one to fall for a hyped product so I spent €24 in Sephora and bought it. Just like the Nars foundation, the packaging is just as beautiful as the product itself.  It's so sleek and shiny. Secondly, the application brush is incredible. Being a non-plastic brush I think it grips better onto my lashes giving it volume, length and overall brightening my eyes.  I absolutely adore this mascara. I was really torn between purchasing this one or Benefits Roller Lash, but I just had an inkling and I’m so glad I did.  One of the best things is that the mascara dries so quickly. By that I don’t mean it doesn’t last long…I mean that if I blink or sneeze accidentally (does anyone else constantly do this after applying makeup?), it doesn’t flick everywhere.
My verdict:  ★

Maybe these two products prove that paying that little bit extra means better quality....what's your verdict?


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