Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mac Haul & Review

What can I say, America, I love you. To say I went a bit beauty crazy on this trip would be the understatement of the year. I did however restrain myself (ish?) and picked these few items up in the course of three weeks rather than in just one trip *pats herself on the back*. I've never been much of a MAC user and lover (what?) and I don't know why. I think sometimes the price tag has put me off and the fact that when I go into the shops I get so overwhelmed by the black pots and boxes I panic. This time however I picked up a few products which I can definitely say I needed (not) and are diverse (ish).

It's no suprise that I am a lover of lipsticks. As per my Rimmel Kate Moss review I love a good bargain when it comes to lipsticks and this was no different.

Cremesheen - Shade: Fanfare

This is the most beautiful and proud purchase I have made. I have been wearing this shade nearly everyday because of how simple and elegant the colour is. One of the lovely things about the cremesheen lipsticks is how moisturizing the lipstick itself is. Don't take my word for it, MAC describes it as a "creamy lipstick infused with pearlized pigments and a moisturizing serum blend" - Couldn't have said it better myself! I can see this lipstick being an everyday favourite and sadly can see it running out far too quickly!

Frost - Shade: Jist

Known as the "lipstick with hundreds of hues, that made MAC famous" is another of my purchases. This product I actually picked up at an outlet cosmetic shop (who knew they even had those!) for a crazy bargain of $11. I was totally over the moon (to say the least). I've always had an issue with what lipstick to wear with a gold/very shimmery eye and I just adore this. It compliments both my skin tone as well as my shimmery eyeshadows. I wouldn't even necessarily say this is a total "christmasy" type lipstick, even though it may look like it. Also don't be put off with a shiny lip that's all I can say!

Mineralize Rich - Shade: Style Approved

Woah Caroline did you go out of your comfort zone here (cue laughter from any blogger who wears more daring lipsticks).Background story needed. Whilst I was in Florida my nails were in some deep TLC and I got this beautiful gel manicure done. I chose a coral coloured shellac nail and when I was shopping at another outlet I realized I didn't own any orange based coral lipsticks. As you can imagine I panicked. Once again with such pigmented colours lips need to be in great condition otherwise it really does bring out the worse in you! Unfortunately this shade isn't available online (probably because it is so old) so I'm glad I was able to find it!

Left to Right: Style Approved, Jist, Fanfare
Mineralize Skinfinish - Shade: Soft & Gentle

I originally went into MAC at the beginning of my trip with the want to purchase the mineralize skinfinish in lightscapade. When I asked one of the assistance she gave me some advice where she suggested I opt for the soft & gentle shade instead, unless I wanted to look like a sparkly disco ball. I took a words into consideration (obiously didn't think twice) and instead purchases soft & gentle. This highlighter is gorgeous, beautifully pigmented and really does give you that summer glow. I have to say though, be extremely cautious when using your brush as it does come off very quickly!

Mineralize Blush - Shade: Gleeful

This was another one of my outlet finds (eep so proud). With Autumn soon approaching (well hopefully not too soon) I perused a few of the blushers they had on offer to see which one I wanted to purchase. Picking up Gleeful I knew it was a lot darker than my usual blushers but thought how stunning it would be in the Autumn time. I have yet to use it, however naturally I have swatched it and it's beautifully pigmented and there is only a light shimmer to accompany it.

More blog posts to follow with more beauty purchases soon! Have you recently hauled any MAC products or been surprised by a cosmetic outlet? Let me know!



  1. You bought so many lovely things! I've been wanting to get soft & gentle for ages now. Also love the fanfare shade x
    han // em&han xo

    1. Thank you! I know Soft & Gentle is sooo gorgeous it's just always the price tag that puts me off with Mac! xx


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