Sunday, August 30, 2015

NYC: Bag Essentials

Nothing is worse than heading off into the hot 31 degree city, looking into your bag and being unprepared. Post New York I thought it would be helpful to pop in a few things that I thought would be helpful in your handbag!

1. Wallet

I mean this is practically a no brainer however, there are a few tricks I'd like to share. Make sure you carry around cash because if you suddenly need it for that $1 slice pizza, a lot of the ATM's in New York charge up to $3 to take out money. I know - criminal! Luckily my friend gave me a little tip, head to a CVS or Walgreens, pick up a stick of gum and ask for cash-back and you don't have to pay that surcharge and only the 90 cents for your gum. Other than cash & card, if you are 21 it's imperative that you carry around your ID if you are looking to buy any alcohol because I've been ID'd nearly everywhere I go. Also important is to carry around your travel or health insurance card if you have one because you can never be too safe! Even if you don't study in the states carry around your student discount card. You can get some great discounts for museums and even cinema tickets - yay 9 grand finally becoming useful!

2. Phone

My second most important item would be my phone. Whether it be to take photos or incase of emergencies I would always carry this around. One App which my friend recommended I downloaded which was very useful was Google Maps (different to Maps already on your Iphone). This was so handy as it gave you simple directions by bus, subway or walking. Additionally I decided to pick up one of UK's Three's pay-as-you-go simcards. What's great about this is that it is only a monthly contract where you pay £15 and it has this add on called "Feel at home". Now feel at home means that you are able to use your phone abroad in numerous countries with the same limitations that you would have in the UK. I was able to call UK numbers for free, 25GB 4G internet and 3,000 text messages to UK numbers. Although New York has a lot of free wifi spots, this still came in handy when in a bind! Also ensure that your medical ID is filled out on your Iphone Health App so that in case of an emergency, people know valid info such as; blood type, point of contact, medication and allergies.

3. Portable Charger

This was my absolute life saver. As I was using my phone to a) take photos b) social media frenzy with and c) let my friend know I hadn't died, I was running out of battery really quickly. With the portable charger I ensured it was full charged whenever I went out and that meant that I had a backup. If you don't want to pay for a portable charger I recommend bringing along your charger and adapter as there are plenty of restaurants that offer charging spots.

4. Kindle

Now this can either be a kindle or just a book but I was quite upset when I would come across a beautiful park either in Brooklyn or Manhattan and I didn't have a book to sit back and read. It's also great company on the subway if you have quite a trip to make as well if you want to be distracted from the man carrying a snake on his shoulders. It happens.

5. Water

I cannot stress you enough how hot it gets in New York in August. I don't think I've ever been so dehydrated in my life! One of the best things about New York is that there are a load of water fountains around the city, in the parks and near museums. Therefore, you can really just buy a water bottle at the beginning of the week and keep refilling it. This stops you from being over charged from quite a few stalls who try and sell water for $3. It's always important to say hydrated!

6. Sunglasses

This being another no brainer - August, New York, Summer, Hot - needed.

7. Hand and Face Wipes

Now I know what you're thinking - wow what a clean freak but trust me on this! You will want this for multiple reasons. Remember that cookie you got in the bakery a couple of hours ago? Well that's now fallen down and melted at the bottom of your bag *guilty*. Why are your feet so black in flip flops? Why are my hands so sticky after the subway....uhhh you can leave that up to your imagination. Trust me on this - anti bacterial wipes and gel will be handy!



  1. I love taking my portable charger whenever I go out on city day trips. Also great tip about having a few dollars cash I always require $1 pizza!

    1. Oh I know me too! It's just the issue of remembering to charge two things at night! And the $1 slice pizza saved my bank account so I could spend more money on other things! Xx


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