Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mini Haul: KIKO Milano Rebel Romantic

Being back in the UK has its many perks and KIKO Milano is one of them. I'm too lucky that I have a KIKO store a throwstone away from my University, so naturally when on my "necessary purchases for university" shopping trip, I had to meander through and pick up two gorgeous goodies. The Rebel Romantic limited edition products are so bloomin' gorgeous even the photos don't do them justice. Now you can't begin a haul post without talking about the packaging. I know, the packaging is very important. Is it weird that the cardboard is soft? I mean baby-skin soft? The colours are beautifully chosen and I'm a sucker for everything rose-gold. The packaging of the products themselves is sleek, divine and as its name suggests, romantic!

This glowing potion is a lovely serum that makes your skin feel soft and look brighter. It has the slightest shimmer which really gives your skin that additional "glow" factor. I haven't been using the product for long enough to see any everlasting benefits but after using it it does have a dramatic effect on the skin than an everyday moisturizer. The skin absorbs the moisturizer extremely well not leaving your skin feel as if you're going to slide off your pillow at night!

The next product I purchased was the absolutely stunning KIKO lipliner in the shade 02. I'll be completely honest, I hate lip liners. They completely scare me and I find them too dramatic. However I have noticed that during the colder months my lipstick hasn't been lasting very well at all and opted to go for a dark pink-nude that would match my hundreds of thousands of nudes. I wore this lipliner on a night out and it's staying power was incredible considering I devoured pizza and drank a few drinks! It's very creamy but without sliding off your lips.

So there is my review on two of the products I picked up from KIKO. I'm absolutely obsessed with their shops as it's very affordable and has such a large and diverse range. If you are looking for a new brand of makeup to love OR want to increase your rose-gold collection, I would 100% recommend these - I mean, aren't you in love already?


  1. That lipliner shade is really stunning!
    xoxo, Maria

  2. What a gorgeous lipliner!

  3. Ooh, that lip liner looks so pretty!

    xo, Liz

  4. Kiko is definitely one of my favourite makeup brands at the moment, they have such beautiful stuff. Love the colour of that lip liner!


  5. The lipliner shade is so gorgeous and I'm a big fan of the packaging of Kiko products.

    1. I know I think they reel you in with their packaging! xx

  6. That lip liner is gorgeous! I'm going shopping tomorrow, and that is for sure on my list ☺

  7. You're so lucky to live so close to a KIKO store! I'm dying to try their shadow sticks and now I'm adding their lipliners to my wishlist too!

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