Sunday, September 6, 2015

My Top 3 Perfumes

One thing that I don't usually like to spend money on is perfume. It's something I usually ask for for Christmas or birthdays because let's be honest here, it's expensive and unfortunately so is my taste. I wanted to dedicate this blog post to three of my all time favourite perfumes but I will warn you, describing scents in words...not my strong point. In addition, I think my perfume choices are far from original but hey, I love them!

Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs

This is an all time classic summer scent that I'm pretty sure half of the population of girls in the world own. I originally had the smaller bottle of this perfume and obviously doused myself silly with it and needed to purchase another, which too is slowly running out. With ingredients; raspberry, grapefruit and pear in the top layer and violets, wild rose and apple blossom in the mid base, it's no surprise that this scent is so sweet and fruity. Unfortunately I hardly wear this perfume when at home because my mum cannot stand the smell of it, weird right? According to the website "Daisy Eau So Fresh is a charming twist on our classic Daisy fragrance. Eau So Fresh is more fruity, bubbly, and more fun than the original." I think this is the scent perfect for summer and more importantly, how cute is the packaging?!

ChloƩ Eau de Parfum by ChloƩ

This perfume is by far my most worn and favourite. I believe I've gone through nearly a bottle a year (4 counting) and even have the miniature travel bottle and moisturizer too. When first smelling it I can definitely smell the honey undertones with a strong rose scent but what I like about this perfume is that even with these sweet scents, it isn't overpowering and therefore can be worn throughout the year. My only flaw is the price - like many perfumes it kills me a little bit inside. I'm very fortunate that my parents have started to see a pattern in my christmas list and purchase it for me, and even better, in duty free where it's cheaper! However, a little tip I gathered and sent along to them last Christmas, sold the 75ml perfume bottle along with the moisturizer and mini travel size one for the same price as the 50ml in John Lewis. In addition Feel Unique often has 10% online vouchers to use as well making it a better bargain!

Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf

Another "floral explosion" (can you see a pattern here?) but I would say this differs greatly as it has a more musty undertone which I would definitely put down to the patchouli notes. Like the other two perfumes this too is quite expensive and I tend to only reach for it if I'm heading out in the evening as I find it a more evening scent and prefer wearing it then. I got this in Duty Free and regardless of there being no taxes it still burns the linings of my purse when I got it. Once again everyone, flawless packaging goals.

I would definitely love to branch out to different perfumes but I find that you suddenly get so stuck on one that gives you your "iconic scent" and never move away from it. Wasn't life easier when we all wore that So..? Kiss me perfume in year 8?

What's your iconic perfume! Help me branch out!


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