Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Solid Shampoo & Conditioner Review

There are a few things in the world which you expect to stay in their states of matter. Ice (solid), helium (gas), shampoo (liquid) - now don't worry this isn't a science lesson/blog post. The point is, when I came across shampoo in the form of solid bars I was both gobsmacked (oh so English!) and intrigued. I first saw these in a Lush store a while ago however surprisingly I ventured out of my comfort-lush zone and picked up these two beauties in a the Naples Soap and Co shop in Tin City. I've been running out of shampoo and conditioner on this trip and thought these were so beautifully handy. But how well do these work in comparison to the standard shampoo?

Moroccan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Bar


I think this has to be the main quality that everyone looks for in a shampoo. This is probably why I have been so apprehensive to buy solid shampoo and conditioner because I couldn't see how it could possibly clean your hair. The shampoo and conditioner bars lather extremely well, really giving you that bubble effect and really gets deep into your hair. Regardless if I was coming back from the beach with sand in my hair, I feel confident that these bars do in fact clean them. They also don't leave any residue and washes out easily.


It's no secret that I have very thin hair which you can't really do anything with. For me, volume usually isn't such a key quality I look for and usually just think, "as long as it doesn't flatten my hair more I'm fine". This shampoo bar is actually actually used for anti-frizz (not that I have anything to frizz). What would worry me with this is that because my naturally thin hair and the anti-frizz it would leave me looking...well....flat? The conditioner leaves your hair smooth and silky but at the same time not looking like the girl from the ring where your hair is plastered onto the side of your face (we all know that feeling). So I do think this shampoo does give you that little "oomph" you're looking for.


Now this would be one of my most important qualities when looking for a shampoo. If my hair is feeling dry or a little sad I usually use the L'oreal Elvive Re-Nutrition Haircare shampoo and conditioners. I wouldn't say these bars have given me the softest of hair ever experienced but my hair didn't feel brittle or frizzy either. The Moroccan oil bar contains; coconut oil, almond oil and argon oil. All three of these are well known to help to be moisturizing, but additionally Argon oil can even help protect your hair from sun damage.


Of course another very important quality! Come on girls, let's not lie, we all love the Aussie Shampoo collection and the gorgeous eucalyptus scent it gives your hair. Because the shampoo bar is quite oil based, there isn't a strong scent that comes with it but there is something quite natural about the smell that makes it seem a lot less chemical than most shampoos. There are however a diverse range both at Naples Soap and Co and at Lush for shampoo bars that are more heavily scented including; rose, grapefruit, coconut and lime and many more.


There's no doubt that carrying liquids in your suitcase is one of the most nerve wracking experiences ever. You're constantly on edge thinking it's exploded and ruined all of your clothes. Even more annoyingly, if you're only heading away with a cabin bag, you can only take a 100 ml shampoo bottle, which let's be honest here, doesn't last you those 4/5 days. With these bars you are able to easily pop them in any spare spaces in your suitcase without worrying and even in that cabin suitcase. Naples Soap and Co even provide pod travel cases as does Lush with travel tins. I think I've found my new travel staple!

Have you tried any good solid shampoo and conditioner bars? Let me know!


  1. I've not tried these yet (they scare me a little) but I've heard good things! I don't know if that's because they actually work better or because it's a bit of a novelty.

    Megan || Oh Hey! blog

    1. They scared me a little too but they really are amazing I was so pleasantly surprised! I'm excited to try different brand ones too and see if they are equally as good! I think it's mainly the novelty and practicality, I wouldnt say they work better than normal shampoo but they are great for traveling! xx


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