Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Haul: Lush Cosmetics

Hello my gorgeous readers! I posted a photo of a mini sneaky lush haul quite a while ago and thought I would give a little more of an insight of the beautiful goodies I got. For University I believe pampering is very necessary before heading out and that includes the usage of many products. The one issue with Lush is that a lot of it is bath heavy with their bath bombs and bubble bars. Unfortunately there are no baths for me to take at university and therefore tried to look at their other ranges to still pamper myself.

My skin is incredibly dry in the winter months and this includes my lips. I've been suffering from incredibly chapped lips and I've heard wonderful things about Lush's lip scrubs. I wasn't a fan of the scent of the popcorn and bubblegum scrubs and picked up the mint julip. I've been using it for quite a while now and wow has it made an incredible difference. My lips are more smooth, less chapped and feel a lot better!

I've been eyeing up these two gorgeous products for quite a while. On the left is the pumice power foot soap, "scrub me like you do". Now I'm not going to go into a detailed description of WHY I specifically needed this product but I just wanted to give my feet a little TLC and this seemed like the ideal product to do so. It lathers really well and although it does tackle dry skin extremely well, it isn't too harsh either like many pumice stones out there. 

On the right is the Buffy body butter. I've been suffering from Keratosis pilaris for as long as I can remember. I've been to so many doctors about it and it really flares up in the winter time because of how dry my skin gets. I've read loads of reviews about multiple people who suffer from it who use this product and swear by it! I'm so extremely excited, this product has made my skin feel so amazing and made it look so soft. I'm so impressed with this product and cannot believe I've finally found a product that has saved my skin.

Now whilst packing in a haze I very stupidly left my favourite toner back in Zurich. I was absolutely distraught but one of the best things about this is the ability to try new things! Yay an excuse! The Eau Roma Water is suitable for very sensitive skin (ideal for me) and after cleansing my face, I apply it onto a cotton pad and wipe over my skin. It picks up all extra residue, oil and dirt and really makes my skin feel smooth and clean. What I love about this product is that it feels all natural. With a lot of toners there can be alcohol  high up in the ingredients list. With this product, the natural ingredients are the first ones in order meaning they carry the most weight. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and my skin has been loving it!

So there's my mini lush haul! I'd love to know what your favourite products from Lush are and if you have any recommendations for shower/skin based products too! Until the next haul!


  1. I am obsessed with the Eau Roma Water right now, it feels so nice and hydrating on my skin!

    xo, Liz

  2. these look so nice :) i really want to try some lush products but never get round to it :/


    1. You simply must try it! They are all so gorgeous and even better animal/cruelty free! xx

  3. Everything looks so lovely!
    Have you tried pure coconut oil for keratosis pilaris ? My face doesn't seem like to coconut oil much, but I found it did wonders for keratosis pilaris!

    xx Krista

    1. You know what I haven't! My friend swears by coconut oil for everything so maybe I will have to give it a try! I'm not much of a fan of coconut which is why but if it does work then I'm up to suffering just that little! Thank you for the suggestion! xx

  4. Definitely going to have to try that Eau Roma Water! It sounds amazing! The only thing I've tried from Lush are bath products. I need to try more from them!

    Foundations of My Life

  5. These products seem really uplifting and great - I want to try the Aeu Roma Water becuase it seems very natural and effective xx

  6. Lovely haul, I didn't have a bath in my second year house at uni and like you just ended up trying all Lush's non bath ranges! The Mint Julips scrub sounds amazing :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  7. Lush's toner are some of my favourites - My skin just drinks them up x



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