Tuesday, October 13, 2015

My Favourite Autumn Products

Although a lot of Autumn days in England are wet, miserable and cold there is still something so majestic about Autumn. Maybe it's those very few crisp sunny Autumn days that we all remember and not the ones where eight of us are huddled under one broken primark umbrella from 8 years ago? The pumpkins sat on the market stalls in all their glory, oh and not to forget, the makeup. I just luuuurve the Autumn makeup scene. Copper eyes, berry lips, flushed cheeks - it's just all so...Autumnal! 


I tend to really go bold in the Autumn with a statement lipstick and two of my favourite products are Mac Cosmetics Plumful and the inevitable Rimmel Kate Moss 107. Purchased in America, in Duty Free (of course) is my gorgeous Mac lipstick with a lustre finish. I love this lipstick because as the name stands, it's a very rich and a lovely pinky-plum shade. It's definitely build-able as when you only put one coat on, it's quite opaque. It's not a drying lipstick which is ideal in the colder months and it just so stunning on!
Of course Autumn wouldn't be Autumn without the beautiful and critically acclaimed Rimmel Kate Moss in 107. This matte lipstick is the most gorgeous berry-red lipstick I've ever seen. Considering it's a drugstore brand lipstick I am so impressed with how this wears. I would recommend using a lipliner as there can be some bleeding but I only had to touch it up twice (so impressed that I underlined it) in a whole 8-9 day. As said, it is matte and although most people say it isn't drying, I would recommend really giving your lips some good TLC before applying it if you naturally have dry skin anyways.
I usually pair my 107 with this new purchase from Kiko cosmetics, the Intensely Lavish Lip Pencil in 06. This lip liner works wonders and not only is very creamy to apply but has a great staying power and really keeps your lipstick on hold all day.


For my eyes I am absolutely obsessed with wearing my new Mac Cosmetics Extra Dimension Skinfinish in Amorous Alloy, the most stunning copper eyeshadow I've ever seen. I've been constantly wearing this on my nights out and even during the day and have received so many compliments. There is a slight shimmer but not as intense to suggest that it is a complete glittery eyeshadow. As you can tell, the pattern in the pan has mildly faded through some love and am so happy I spent the money on this. Although it is a tiny pot for quite a sum of money, I really recommend this colour. 
The Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze has been reached for consistently. It makes such a great eyeshadow base and of course applies so easily. It leaves a gorgeous shimmer finish and I tend to use it for a gold shimmer eye!


And lastly, my favourite blusher this season is the one and only Mac Cosmetics Minzeralize blush in the shade Gleeful. I won't blag on too much about this as I have already talked about it in my haul post here. So what can I say, although it may look intimidating and highly pigmented (which it is) it's a beautiful products giving your face that natural winter "flush" look with a stunning red-brick colour. 

So there are my favourite Autum products! I didn't realise how many of these were Mac products until just now! What's your favourite thing about Autumn? Is it the makeup, the cosy clothes or even the fact that it's close to Christmas? Please share! 


  1. Ooh, Amorous Alloy is gorgeous! I totally love the Colour Tattoos too, such great, easy-to-use products :)


  2. I love Autumn, it's such a beautiful season!! I also have the Rimmel Kate Moss in 107, it's gorgeous! And that blush looks so pretty and perfect for this season :) x

  3. love the colour tattoos and i really need to get some new mac stuff!

    danielle | avec danielle

  4. I love all of these shades! I nominated you for the liebster award: http://charlottespicks.blogspot.com/2015/10/liebster-award.html
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  5. These are such pretty picks! I just picked up my first MAC blush and am loving it!

    xo, Liz

  6. I love Rimmel Kate Moss 107! It's perfect on any skin tone. I always keep that lipstick in my handbag :-)


  7. Gleeful is so pretty! I will check it when I visit Mac next time. These are great picks for Autumn, I love the shades you picked.


  8. I looove Autumn because of bold/berry lips! Rimmel Kate Moss 107 is a gorgeous lipstick, such a shame I don't own it yet :D

  9. Oh my goodness, that Mac eyeshadow looks incredible!! I'm SO into copper eyeshadows this fall. And I have and love the Rimmel 107 and that Maybelline color tattoo. <3 These are some great picks!

    Foundations of My Life

    1. Thank you so much! The copper eyeshadow has just been loved too much! xx

  10. love these products! Autumn blogposts are my favvv


  11. So many gorgeous products. I need that MAC eyeshadow - How autumnal is that shade? x


  12. I do love that fall will soon usher in Christmas season! Christmas is my favorite holiday! :) I love all your make up picks! So warm and perfect for fall! :)

  13. I am dying for the MAC blush in gleeful! So autumnal and warming! Gorgeous!!!

    Emma xoxo

    Casha Beautu | thecashabeauty.com

  14. Just found your blog through the Liebster Award and so glad I did - it's so beautiful - and you're just gorgeous! Can't wait to keep updated with you!

    Also - those lipstick colours!!! <3


  15. I'm a big fan of MAC Plumful and Rimmel's 107 in Autumn as well! During Autumn I also loved MAC Mehr and Tarte's Exposed blush xx

    Jess | It's That Time For

  16. Wow beautiful pictures! And you really picked great products!

    The Joy of Being Joyce

  17. Oh, I love all your choices. They really are all so beautiful, I think my favourite that you mentioned will be the blusher. I'm going to have to swatch it when I visit Mac next!
    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  18. Amazing picks!!!! Really want to get my hands on those lipsticks!!!! <3




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