Thursday, October 22, 2015

My Favourite Autumnal Nail Polishes

Of course a beauty blog post wouldn't be a beauty blog post with a little nail post. As we know, Autumn is my favourite time of the year (shocker) and is the time of the year I can sink back into my comfort zone of neutral colours and ditch the corals and bright pinks.

My three favourite lighter shades include the gorgeous Essie neutral favourite is Ladylike. A stunning mauve, it's similiar to Chinchilly (below it) in the fact that it is so classy and makes your hands feel so dainty. I wear this shade more when I'm going to dinners or looking to look a little more feminine.

Essie Polish Chinchilly
 literally looks like your wearing a gorgeous grey cashmere jumper on your nails. This stunning sleek grey granite polish is so elegant and flawless. I love wearing this as it really goes with everything. My only issue with Essie polishes is that I really don't think they wear that well and I do think they chip quite quickly considering their price tag.

Of course a nail edit wouldn't be without a bargain drugstore product. The Collection Lasting Gel Colour in Almost Nude 10 is my favourite nude polish to date. It's the perfect nude without being too brown or too opaque. I love the easy wide brush as it makes applying the nail-polish so easy and you don't have to ruin your nails by adding another coat just to get to the edges of your nails.

The darker favourites include a very recent purchase that has been worn practically everyday on my nails this month,  Barry M Sunset Daylight Curling Nail Paint in Vengence is Wine. This is a stunning dark maroon nail-polish which when worn with the topcoat apparently "bonds" to become almost like a salon-gel manicure. I have to say I am so impressed with how long my nails last when I spend the effort and time with them and this polish. You definitely need to give this a few extra coats to make it appear less opaque, but the end colour is a deep wine perfect for a night out or pair with those tartan scarfs. 

Now this is the last Essie polish - I swear. Carry On is another deep burgundy polish but with a more purple undertone to it. I would say that the Barry M has more of a sheen to it as when you apply this one, it's definitely a bit more on the matte scale than with a sheen, although it's obviously not a matte polish. It is also a lot less opaque than the Barry M one and therefore takes only 1-2 coats to achieve that full coloured nail look. I also swear that this colour dries a lot quicker than any other Essie polish?

And of course my nail-polish collection would not be complete without a black polish. I was gifted this in a lovely Cheeky gift-set from my old work colleague. Apart from the clever name, Soots You (har har), this nail-polish is really great. I had a manicure done at Cheeky using their polish a while ago and I was so impressed. With many dark polishes, it does take 2-3 coats to achieve that jet black coverage but I wear this polish when I'm feeling very daring. Considering I mostly wear black, I try to not use it too much otherwise I tend to look like a death-eater. 

So there is a list of my favourite autumnal nail-polishes! I would love to know what your favourite polishes are and if any of the above are yours too! 


  1. That Barry M wine and Essie burgundy are just so gorgeous! Also, I don't wear black too much either but whenever I do, it actually feels/looks so chic! One of my favourite autumnal nail polish colours is a deep eggplant, it's like my version of a comfortable "black".


  2. I need to get Essie Carry On, it looks gorgeous!

    xo, Liz

  3. I need to get hold of Essie chinchilly it looks so lovely! Xx

  4. I am envious of the Barry M one, definitely going into my basket on payday!

    I have just recently nominated you for the Liebster award if you want to check out the details below x


  5. I love burgundy nails at this time of year. I have a black polish that I wear along with a silver, it doesn't look half as scary then. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Ah that's an amazing idea! Ohhh I wish I had thought of that this year for Halloween as well when I went as a dead unicorn....! xx

  6. I need that Essie nail polish in my collection!
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. I WISH I HAD THAT MANY AUTUMNAL NAIL POLISHES :(( I really wanna get the almost nude one and the carry on! <3 lovely photos as well

    BCfactor Blog | Giveaway

    1. Thank you so much for reading and the lovely compliment! Unfortunately I am one of those people who do hoard a lot of Nail Polishes that are more autumn based as I think I only own a good 3/4 that are Summery! xx


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