Tuesday, October 20, 2015

My "Swear By It" Products

There are a few products that I have and always will use for years. You know when you find that perfect pair of shoes to go with that dress for that wedding and you searched everywhere and it was just meant to be? Or you know that moment when you try a Krispy Kreme Chocolate sprinkle doughnut and that's the only one you will ever eat? Well, the products below are exactly like that. My one-and-only's, holy-grail, swear-by-it, must-haves products.

Real Techniques Beauty Blender

I actually go into a mini panic mode if I cannot find my beauty blender. I'm not going to waffle on about this product because we all know that there are entire lengthy posts about how these sponges are the most majestic make-up applicators ever. MAJESTIC. My beauty blender unfortunately has been very loved and therefore is very....gross? It requires another deep deep clean, only problem is, it's a nightmare to clean (one downfall). So therefore I may just go and buy a new one as they are only a fiver rather than the traditional beauty blender. It basically glides my make-up on with no streakiness, blends and buffers it in without removing the product and even though it is a sponge, it doesn't absorb the product either. I know what you're all thinking. Caroline, I used to use a sponge back in year 7 to apply my Claire's Accessories liquid foundation that was five shades too light for me- no. This is different, I'm telling you. Trust me on this one! Ignore the foundation brushes and go forth and buy this beauty blender.

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation in Mont Blanc

Ever since taking the plunge and purchasing this foundation after Zoella constantly used it in her makeup tutorials I am in love. I have extremely patchy dry skin and finding a foundation that works for me and blends into my massively pore-y filled face is hard. Gosh I'm attractive. Ever since I got my first bottle 2 years ago I've been using it ever since. It blends like a dream, wears like a dream, oh and did I mention that it's just honestly the best thing I own like...ever? Yes, you can tell I'm a little obsessed. Something amazing did happen the other day however, I ran out of the glorious product and went to SpaceNK to buy a new bottle and this time, I got a pump, My life has been changed. If you're anything like me, freckled, dry skin, quite blotchy, porey - you know all those wonderful beautiful things - do try this foundation!

Olay Moisturizer

As said before my skin is very temperamental. In the Summer it's dry. In the Autumn it's dry. In the Winter it's dry. In the Spring - oh wait, yes, it's dry. Originally when looking to find a new moisturizer, I went to Clinique to ask for a mini sample size of their "hydrating" moisturizer and was left so so disappointed as so many people have raved about it. So after telling my best friend, who nearly slapped me for nearly spending 35 quid on the moisturizer, told me to go and pick up the Olay one from Boots. I have to say, ever since using this in the morning and before bed my skin has gotten a lot better. Although my skin is naturally dry, the patchiness has gone and my life has just gotten that tiniest bit better. It's such a godsend for dry and sensitive skin. The one thing I have noticed is that with moisturizer it really is a trial and error. Everyone's skin is so so different and although this worked for me, maybe the Clinique one worked for you?

Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

I have raved on and on about this cleanser like there is no tomorrow. Since getting into make up more and wearing a lot more on nights out my skin has been going a bit...cray. I can no longer survive just on those boots face wipes as I will break out the next day. Recommended by my friend in the States, I purchased this and have gone through around 4 tubs already. I have a blog post here all about how I use it and an additional rant on why I love it to much.

Johnsons Baby Oil

Well you're probably thinking, what in the world is she doing with that? I've been an avid user of baby oil to clean my make up brushes for an absolute age now. It honestly works wonders, is affordable and leaves your brushes soft in the original condition. The baby oil manages to clump the foundation on your brush when cleaning it, so it starts coming off the brushes in these sorts of giant lumps. Gross. What I would recommend is after using the baby oil is a little shampoo just to get rid of the extra oil residue off your brushes. I know a lot of people like to use the proper cleansing waters etc but I find them too expensive for what they are and if I can use something cheaper that is just as effective I'm happy!

So there are a few of my "swear by it" products, are any of these your must-haves or do you have any others? Let me know!


  1. I LOVE my beauty sponge as well! Is that foundation just for dry skin? I've always wanted to splurge on a Nars foundation, but I just never know which one is going to work for oily skin. Great post!


    1. I have read quite a few reviews on the foundation being successful on oily skin. I think it's definitely more for dry or combination skin as it does look quite dewey, but if you used a proper primer and matte powder to set it, I wouldn't see why not! xx

  2. Love the real techniques blender it makes applying make up so easy and flawless! I would love to try the lush cleanser too I always mean to try more of their skincare!
    Amy x

  3. Ahhh I am obsessed with the beauty blender and Nars Sheer Glow Foundation! I have both of those and they are perfect!!! I really want to give the olay moisturiser and baby oil thing a try now!


  4. I really want to try Nars Sheer Glow Foundation! I've literally heard nothing but good things about it :) The Lush cleanser sounds really good as well :) xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  5. I must try out Ultrabland soon! I've been meaning to pick it up for ages (actually, Sheer Glow and the RT blender are on my must-try list too!). I started using an Olay moisturiser a couple of months ago, for some reason I didn't expect it to be particularly great, but was pleasantly surprised by it!
    Also, I've nominated you in the Versatile Blogger Award tag :) x

    Misia xx | gowashyourface.com

    1. I know it was such a surprise I'm so glad that it's so affordable too! Thank you for the nomination! I actually did the Versatile blogger award the other day! xx

  6. I totally agree with the NARS foundation being a holy grail, I love it!
    Everything else you've mentioned seems like amazing products, I've been wanting to get a beauty blender for a while now as I've heard some really great reviews about them. Also, I must try baby oil to clean my brushes!
    Love Lauren x


    1. I honestly couldn't live without it! Although it is expensive it's so worth it! I would definitely recommend the real techniques beauty blender, it's only £6 whereas the original ones are like £20! xx

  7. I love the RT Miracle Complexion Sponge - its great for blending concealer and making my skin look quite flawless!

    Lucy | www.foreverseptemberr.blogspot.co.uk

  8. I need to try baby oil on my brushes! That seems like a fantastic idea especially for my natural hair brushes. Totally agree with you on the RT sponge. So awesome and so affordable! I usually try to clean it with a natural disinfectant like tea tree oil or something just to really give it a nice clean!


  9. I use the sponge for buffing in concealer lightly underneath my eyes it's great! I literally just uploaded a post the other day about cleaning brushes but I mentioned the baby shampoo not oil haha
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

    1. ohhh maybe I'll need to try the shampoo, the oil is quite messy and a task to get out of the brushes but it really does work wonders! I'll give the shampoo a try! xx

  10. Using Johnson's Baby Oil is such a clever idea!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

    1. It is but I would definitely recommend using the shampoo after to get rid of the oil, otherwise you'll be transferring it onto your face! xx

  11. Nars Sheer Glow is by far my holy grail foundation, it's always the one I turn to when my skin is pretty bad as it just covers up everything, without my skin looking cakey. I can't get enough of this stuff! :)
    xxx Claire


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