Sunday, October 4, 2015

No7 Eyebrow Kit vs Wet 'n Wild Eyebrow Kit

We've all seen those high end vs drugstore products, but what I thought would be interesting is to review two eye kits from the drugstore. I've been using the No7 Beautiful Eyebrows Kit and the Wet 'n Wild eyebrow kit for quite some time now. In the UK No7 is considered a "drugstore" brand however it is one of the pricier brands within a drugstore so I'm going to call it a "high-end drugstore" brand whereas Wet 'n Wild is considered more "low-end drugstore". That makes sense right? Right.
I've been really focusing intensely on maintaining my brows this these past few months as I've been failing to keep them 'normal' looking.


The Wet 'n Wild Kit:  Very price friendly £2.57

No7 Beautiful Eyebrows Kits: £12.95 price tag.

If this was solely based on price it's obvious that Wet 'n Wild wins hands down with a cheaper product.


The No7 Beautiful Eyebrows Kits: The packaging of the product is very sleek and the kit can fit in the palm of your hand which is very ideal to keep in your makeup bag during the day. When opened it has a mirror, spoolie brush and a double sided angled brush. It's understandable that the brushes are very small and most people would rather use larger ones, but for on-the-go they are perfect. The kit also comes with a clear wax, two brow colours (one light, one dark) and a highlighter.

The Wet 'n Wild Kit: Although this kit is a about half the size of No7's I definitely prefer the packaging of the No7. This kit is made out of plastic which obviously is down to the price. The kit does come with a pair of tweezers and a angled brush however I would rather it came with a spoolie brush than the tweezers as it would be a necessity during the application. The tweezers are also a little flimsy and can't really grasp anything. They say that there is a "mirror" enclosed however it is so small I wouldn't recommend using it for something as precious as eyebrow application!

When it comes to packaging I am giving the No7 product the vote as it is definitely more sleek, glamorous and includes the brushes you would need.


The No7 Beautiful Eyebrows Kits:  Applying this product is very easy and simple. Not only are there instructions on the back for those who aren't sure what to do, but the consistency of each product is creamy and gorgeous. I used the lightest shade from the kit to fill in my eyebrows and it made them look full and natural without being too empowering. The two sided angle brush is handy to use to separate using the highlighter and the colours themselves. The spoolie brush really allows you to distribute the product effectively. The highlighter is gorgeous for under the brow bone and really gives off a nice sheen and finished effect.

Wet 'n Wild: Now I have purchased the shade Ash Brown in 963 as the other shades were much too dark and after much finicking around, I realised that this product is still much too dark for me. The dark brown shade is practically black and although I swatched it, I have and never will use it. With that being said, there is a lot of fallout when using this product which can be a pain especially because the colour is quite dark. The wax was surprisingly helpful when applying the product however when you're only given one brush with one side, you are forced to mix the products if you don't have any alternative brushes.

On application I would say the No7 kit wins easily.


I was quite surprised that both of these products lasted well throughout the day. I didn't have to touch up either of the products for the entire day. I also tested this by rubbing off the swatches on my hands which both took a good amount of rubbing and a face wipe to remove it. Verdict: a tie!

So what would I conclude? Although the Wet 'n Wild kit is a lot more price friendly, I would hands down chose the No7 product. The packaging comes with all the necessary on-the-go brushes, has an easy and natural application and furthermore has a great lasting time!

I would love to know what your go-to eyebrow kits are and if you've tried either of the two mentioned in the blog!


  1. Hey dear, just to let you know, I nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger Award. =) Hope you participate!


    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely get posting soon! xx

  2. My hands are up for No 7 without a doubt; good packaging, good quality and good wearability. Perhaps the price is a little pricier on the drugstore range, but I think it's quality would justify its price!

    May | THE MAYDEN | Bloglovin'

  3. The No.7 palette sounds fab, I'd love to give it a go! Thanks for the comparison <3


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