Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Primark P.S. Love... Product Reviews

As many of my purchases, these were completely random and spontaneous. Shocker Caroline. I went into Primark for some very exciting basic t-shirts, because that's what life is all about, and I came across these products and I just couldn't resist a little temptation buying and reviewing - because we all love a bit of Primark. The P.S Love... makeup range is a pretty new one (I think?) and although I wasn't able to pick up all products as I had just spent a fortune in Superdrug, I decided to pick up the few that I thought were the necessities to try out. Pfsh "necessities." Two lipsticks, totally a necessity.


Although the product does look quite inviting in the photo, the packaging of this product feels and appears very cheap to me but for £2.50 you can't exactly ask for high quality can you? The blusher is surprisingly pigmented so I would suggest using a light hand to apply the product as it doesn't blend out as easily as any of my other blushers. The colour of the blush is a tad too pink-toned for me for this season but I can imagine it being quite a nice colour during the spring and summer time, especially for those with fairer skin. What is quite good about this product is that it does come with a mirror, guaranteed not the best, but compared to H&M's new line, it does come with one. Primark: 1 H&M: 0. The blusher itself is.....

Brow Kit

Now as we know I'm impartial to a bargain brow kit. With the No7 and Wet 'n Wild ones I couldn't wait to try out another. What I find odd about the packaging of the new Primark beauty range is nothing is really...consistent? Some seem to be going for the no plastic theme, others for the gold theme or a matte black theme? Eh. Not my favourite packaging in the world but hey, it was £2, quit your whining Caroline. The brow kit comes with 2 brow powders along with a wax, tweezers and the oddest eyebrow brushes I've ever seen in my life. If you own eyebrows in this shape, well then, you're very lucky because I guarantee 99.9% of the population cannot use this brush. The picture doesn't do it enough injustice.The shade on the very right was far too dark for me and a bit muddy too so I've gone for trying out the middle shade along with the weird taupe wax. My verdict: I was actually quite impressed. I obviously used my own angled brush but the colour suited my eyebrow colour pretty well and there was barely any fallout either. I've kind of been wearing this nearly everyday on my eyebrows just because the colour does suit me and it does have a staying power similiar to my Wet 'n Wild one. 

Matte Long Last Lipstick in Movie Star

First of all, this is not a matte lipstick. Clearly when swatching and applying it, there is a definite sheen to it and by no means resembles a matte lipstick. Sorry Primark. I picked up this lipstick in the shade Movie Star as it looked like a gorgeous Autumn shade. Firstly, if you're someone who doesn't like scented lipsticks, just stop reading now. This is NOT the product for you. The lipstick smells intensely like vanilla and in quite a sickly sweet way which was a massive let down for me. The colour of the lipstick when swatched is a lot more red than the colour that the packaging makes you believe you're buying. Though speaking of packaging, I'm actually kind of liking the packaging of this product. It's quite sleek and if you turned it to the side hiding the brand label it almost looks quite elegant! I thought I was buying more of an orange lip but it's quite a blood red. The staying power is okay. It's one that you will need to line your lips for and even more importantly, carry around during the day for touch ups. It's a bargain that's for sure at but if you're going for a darker lip, I would recommend getting a drugstore brand that is only a couple pounds more expensive that has a better formula. 

Lipstick in Suspense

When swatching Movie Star and Suspense next to each other you would have guessed they are the same formula, basically emphasizing how un-matte the Movie Star lipstick is. I'm actually quite a fan of this lipstick colour and the packaging of the product itself  even though I feel as if it doesn't really fit with the rest of the packaging from the line. Once again, if you hate scented lipsticks do not even go here. Although it doesn't smell like vanilla, it does smell like red liquorice a lot. Which is fine. If you like liquorice. Which I do. Course you do Caroline, it's unhealthy, of course you'd like it. The product itself is the same as the "matte" lipstick. It didn't wear any better or worse but I definitely preferred the colour of this lipstick as it just looked a little bit more different and berry toned. I love me some berry tones.  Oh did I mention that I happened to snap this lipstick when swatching it? Yeah that sucked. Another tip, don't apply these with such a rough hand. 

Left to Right: Blusher, Matte Lipstick in Movie Star, Lipstick in Suspense
Have you tried anything from this range? I would love to know what you think of it and more importantly, did any of the products work for you? 


  1. I was really disappointed by Primarks beauty products but I agree, the blusher would look lovely during the Spring/summer time - the packaging is beautiful! Haven't tried H&M beauty but really keen to. Lovely haul x


  2. That brow kit I might have to purchase next time I'm in there!
    Charlotte // charlottespicks.blogspot.com

  3. The brow kit looks pretty decent tbf! What a shame about the lipsticks though! I've found their nail polishes are really crap too - but then again, they're a pound what do I expect!


  4. I always look at beauty products every time I go in primark and despite the great price I've never been in any rush to try them, I'm always scared they'll ruin my skin and bring me out in crazy spots or something - cheap makeup really doesn't agree with me.
    I quite like their packaging - no it's not the BEST I've seen and the font is ugly but actually the packing is better than others that I have seen :)
    Thanks for updating us on the world of primark Beauty - I think I'll steer clear!

    May x


  5. I have heard so much about Primark, yet to have one here in Aus though!


  6. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)



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