Sunday, December 6, 2015

My Favourite Festive Nail Polishes

Christmas and winter time is the time where I start going to town with the glitter nail polish. Not only do I love glitter nailpolish because well, hey, it's glitter, but also because I think the staying power is a lot better than other ones. I've gathered a few, not really 'a few' though  - of my favourite glitter polishes to share with you all to get you in the festive spirit, starting from far left to right!

Barry M Majesty 346

When you think of christmas nails, I think of this polish. A very glittery polish, this one ticks so so many of the boxes. It has great staying power and unlike a lot of glitter polishes, isn't opaque either so two coats creates a perfectly glittery covered nail - absolute swooooooon!!

Essie Jiggly Hi Jiggly Low

Out of my four festive nail polishes, this is my favourite. Of course I'm a massive fan of Essie as a brand of nailpolish but wow have they got this on point. So close to saying fleek. Firstly the colour. Oh my lord the colour. This is a stunning silver glitter polish. Yes Silver. I am in complete confusion to why it says gold on the Essie website, but unless I've been brought up being told that silver is gold and vice versa, then this is silver. End of. Secondly, it is very different to normal glitter polishes. It's almost a mixture between a metallic polish and glitter one as the glitter acts more of an effect rather than being large chunks of glitter pieces in it. Because this is a glitter polish the staying power is ten times more impressive than a standard polish. Yes it's a bit of a pain to get off but I'd rather that then it chips after one day? I remember this being so incredibly hard to find so shout out to my mum who surprised me with it in my stocking last Christmas. She's a babe.

Barry M Caspian  437 

What can I say? Barry M obviously know their festive nails! Steering away from the glitter, don't worry, we'll swiftly move back to the glitter, is this gorgeous metallic gold polish. This is perfect for anyone who well really hates the glitter nail effect but still wants to be in with the gold/festive nail crowd you can now join us! 

Mavala Magic Saphir 139

Nope that is not a spelling mistake. As this is a German brand I'm going all bilingual on you. Three guesses what "saphir" means? Caroline just get on with the post, this is painful. Back on the glitter front but in a totally different direction is a colourful glitter polish. God I love glitter. This is definitely a lot more of an opaque glitter polish and would sort of recommend it as a top layer rather than a full nail itself. Is that a thing? I've even put this on top of Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low and it looks so sweet on one nail as a statement nail. Cayutteee!

So there we have it, four of my festive polishes I will be donning this month and at the New Year! What are some of your favourite festive polishes?


  1. These are all gorgeous - love the look of Barry M Majesty!

    Lucy |

  2. I really want to try some essie nail polishes and that one there looks so seasonal!
    Charlotte //

    1. It's actually by far one of my favourite Essie nailpolishes and probably up there with my ALL time favourite ones! It's soooo gorgeous! xx


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