Thursday, December 10, 2015

My Christmas Beauty Essentials

Along with Autumn, Winter is another time of the year where you can be totally "out-there" and experimental with all the glitter, golds and sparkles in the beauty world - or at least I think so! I've gathered a few of my favourite Christmas beauty essentials to share with you all.

Mac Cosmetics Lipstick in Jist

I picked this beautiful mac lipstick shade in an outlet in the states and yes, it's a little different, a little....well shimmery and very well...shimmery. Caroline get out a bloody thesaurus next time please? I don't think there are many times in the year you could really wear this type of lippy, but Christmas time I will be whacking it out. I have paired this with quite a nude neutral eye before and a black dress on an evening out and generally I think that's the only way to wear it? Can anyone else think of a way?

Golden Eyes

Can you see a bit of a pattern here during Christmas? I'm totally impartial to a little bit of sparkle during this festive season and eye shadows are by far the most exciting when it comes to sparkle. Who knew that there could be so many shades of gold? Everyone? When Seventeen sent me their mini eye shadows, the gold one was obviously the one that stood out the most. I mean LOOK at it! With gold eyes I am a lover of pigmentation and going a bit bold rather than more of a subtle look. KIKO's long lasting eye shadow sticks are an absolute dream and the shade #05 is the perfect lighter gold shade for the inner corners or applying all over the lid.

Primark False Nails

I haven't ever really been one for fake nails because I find them really finicky, and my nail beds are so small I hardly ever manage to find false nails that fit me. However. When I saw these ones in Primark I just had to. I don't care if they last half a day or if the glue damages my nails, I just need them in my life. Festive nails is where it's at this year it seems! I'm also totally and utterly obsessed with the Elegant Touch ones if you're willing to pay a higher price for those! 

Glitter Nail Polish

As we know from a previous post, I'm definitely impartial to some glitter polishes. Yes I did start wearing them in November but once it hits December it's like, a lot more acceptable in the social world do dress up your nails as if they are off to the BAFTAS. I do think glitter polishes are on the same level as marmite. Wait this is going somewhere. You either love them or you hate them told ya. My mum detests my glitter nails but hey, bah humbug you!

Mac Highlighter Soft & Gentle

To be fair I may as well have called this blog post "ways to look like a shiny disco ball this Christmas". For Christmas parties I am all about that highlighter, tho. Sorry I had to. I will most likely wear some sort of highlighter on an everyday basis but Mac's is far from everyday. It's a lot more sparkly as a highlighter and I do tend to only use this in the evenings. I think everyone and their mums, dogs and Grandma have heard about how amazing this is - if you don't have your hands on it...Dear Santa...



  1. Lovely post, so in love with those festive nails!

    1. Thank you! I love myself some falsie christmas nails as I suck at nail art! xx

  2. Those primark nails look so cute and I love the colour of the lipstick!
    Amy X
    Call Me Amy

  3. These are so pretty and glittery! So perfect for a holiday look
    The MAC highlighter looks gorgeous!

  4. Primark's fake nails are so good but a tip is to use a different nail glue as theirs isn't very long lasting!
    Charlotte //

    1. Amazing tip thank you! I'm going to try the nailene ultra quick nail glue and fingers crossed (har har) that it lasts longer! They are so cute :) xx

  5. Festive nail designs and glitter nail polish are the two best things for Christmas nails! Loving mac soft & gentle too!

  6. Primark false nails are just the best pattern wise - I usually get some every Christmas!

    Lucy |

    1. Right! Also elegant touch do a cute pair that looks like a christmas jumper but they are a lot more expensive! xx

  7. In love with the Mac lipstick, that's just beautiful!
    Lovely post!! xx

  8. These are lovely! My theme for the holidays is "shimmer" as well so I loved this post! I loved the Primark nails and I'm so excited because they just opened a Primark in the US by my house!! So now I can finally see what all the fuss is about and pick up my own nails:)

    Shannon Sage

  9. Great post. That mac highlighter looks so awesome.

  10. Those Primark nails are adorable, I've never tried fake nails but they look so much fun for Christmas!
    xxx Claire


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