Sunday, December 27, 2015

The Best Festive Lush Combo

A while back I went to Lush and went a little crazy on the whole purchasing of christmas products - whoops! I finally came back home which means I could actually use them. The other night I think I had the best Lush bath combo ever. The bath basically had everything; colour, smell, soft skin, glitter and oh yeah, bubbles. It had bubbles. I know it may seem like a lot of products to use in one bath, however - I rarely have baths and can only have them when back in Zurich so I like to make the most of them!

The three products I used were Five Golden Rings, Cinders Bath Bomb and The Magic of Christmas, honestly, the three products I was most excited about using after purchasing! I only used one of the golden rings and obviously didn't use the entirety of the magic wand but only enough to make a good amount of bubbles!

The Cinders bath bomb is one which I have heard of and raved about by so many people, I couldn't even think of a reason to why I shouldn't buy it. So I did. What totally intrigued me was the popping candy, not that I think this generally made much of a difference in the bath but still. Candy. I loved the smell of this product as it's described as, "stimulating cinnamon leaf oil, the warmth of the hearth and the scents of hot fruit punch are a bath away. Skip the open fire and curl up with a fireside gathering of coarse sea salt and popping candy instead." Alone, I don't think a bath would be worth the running water with JUST this singular bath bomb, but with the others below, it makes such a gorgeous combo.

Five golden rings was a no-brainer to add into my bath as with the vanilla scent I knew this would be a total full on goodness to my skin. "Forget a partridge in a pear tree, you'll want to skip ahead to the fifth day of Christmas to get your hands on these sparkling bubble bar rings! Crumble under running water for a creamy Fair Trade vanilla-filled bath, infused with skin-softening illipe butter and uplifting moringa oil. If you're hoping for a ring come Christmas day, this might just be the next best thing." What I loved about the glitter on this product is that it was very faint on the skin and therefore I didn't look like Edward Cullen - bonus.

Of course it wouldn't be Christmas without the Magic of Christmas bubble bar wand. I only used a couple of swishes Is that a good use of terminology? to create a lovely bubble and cinnamon full bath. Oh and also how cute is it. So cute!!

But yes, although the colour of bath isn't the most...uhm, pleasant I promise I didn't wee in it, I swear, this combination has everything you want; smell heck yes to the cinnamon and vanilla combo, skin benefits oh so good and those bubbles - get your hands on these products asap, it's only Christmas once a year hey!


  1. These look amazing!! Lush is my addiction and I swear by some of their products, so I must give these a try!


  2. Cinders bath bomb is my favourite. I never thought of combining it with 5 gold rings. I'll have to give it a go. Lou /

  3. I picked up cinders bath bomb in the boxing day sales in Lush - it smells incredible!

    Lucy |

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  5. Ah, it must be cool. I love using bath bombs too. I check the prices of scribendi and then buy them. Maybe they make not the biggest influence on the skin condition, but they are really funny and pleasant) I love the smell the most. Such an aromatherapy. But the color is weird indeed)) Like the dirtiest water)))

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