Sunday, January 31, 2016

Barry M Winter Statement Nail Combo

 Regardless of the fact that Christmas is no longer here wipes tear from eyes I am refusing to stash away my winter nail colours. I've been loving this combination as I find it gives a little more oomph to quite a standard nail colour.

The Barry M Sunset Daylight Curling Nail Paint in Vengence is Wine 530 (phew longest name ever) is a stunning dark Mahogany colour. I absolutely love the application of this nailpolish, it dries extremely quickly and really only needs two light coats in order to get a full colour on your nail. I'm extremely impressed with the formula of this range as it's much better and longer-lasting than the other Barry M polishes. I apply this to all of the nails apart from my index fingers on both hands.

My index fingers are the ones that tend to never grow out and break the easiest as pretty much they are the ones I use for everything; phones, laptops, opening boxes and aimlessly picking at when I'm mid-dissertation writing gross Caroline. I apply the gorgeous Barry M Textured Nail Effect in Majesty 346. As my index fingers are the worst, applying a glitter polish is pretty amazing as it means the staying power on those particular fingers is much longer yayyy.

Now I'll be honest with you, because let's be honest, when haven't I been on this blog. I mean we're all too familiar with my flakey dry skin I like to remind you of and my inability to withstand a diet for longer than 6 hours. Top coats were NEVER  a thing for me. I was awful. I used to complain it's my thing about the fact that my nails chipped everyday. Well duh Caroline, how about using a topcoat. So now I do that. Claps for Caroline. Well okay, I only own one and unsurprisingly it's the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curling topcoat. This has actually changed my nail routine which was so sub-par before to one that actually lasts and looks half decent.

I know it's quite a bland post that could have been easily posted in an instagram post but hey, I was proud I did my nails and they looked mildly okay so I was like OVERSHARE! I would love to know if you have any statement nail combos you wear!



  1. Ah that's such a good idea to put glitter nail polish on your index finger! I always have the same problem with that finger chipping first so definitely gonna steal that trick!
    Amy xx Call Me Amy

  2. They're some gorgeous colours! xo

  3. Your nails do look stunning! I love Barry m polishes. I definitely need to pick up that wine shade, its lovely xx

  4. The Wine shade is so beautiful, I need to add that to my collection aha, and same, I never used to use a topcoat, I didn't even know what it was :')


  5. Love the idea of putting glitter nail polish on the index finger! The burgundy colour is beautiful x

    Jess | It's That Time For

  6. Hahaha, your posts are ALWAYS honest and so real, Caroline - that's why they are the best, always leave your blog with a smile on my face. Loooove the deep, dark burgundy, along with that dark colour I love a deep, eggplant purple colour too :)



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