Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Favourites: January

We're all going to pretend here that I didn't miss my December favourites post okay? Hey it was a busy time. My quality street tub was high maintenance. 

Another month gone and I'm not really sure what I did for most of it. I reckon most of it was spent in the library doing my dissertation, eating Oreos and having so many darn Chai Tea's that my body is probably 90% chai. But hell if I wasn't going to look cute in the library. Because you know, priorities. Also I don't want to be looking like those people who bring sleeping bags and kettles to the library during exam season. Yes those people exist. Surrey university at its finest. 

Mostly beauty favourites this month but I could't write this post without talking about the book, The Glass Castle written by Jeannette Walls. Because everyone was in the midst of exams I didn't go out for a whole month and my evenings were spent in my flat. My mum recommended this book to me about a year ago and being the stubborn daughter I am I obviously didn't listen to her but for some reason this Christmas took it from the family home back to uni with me. This is a phenomenal memoir about Jeannette's upbringing in a family fraught with their struggles with money, inner conflicts, a disorderly father and an eccentric mother. This isn't a pretty read, and really challenges you to believe the storyline and all the conflicts presented in the book. This isn't one for a younger reader, I would say 16 years + only because of the 'moral panics' that are drawn upon. I couldn't put it down.

Onto beauty favourites, some of these are so completely obvious to my readers as I've not exactly been quite so subtle about them. What a surprise the NYX Cosmetics Matte Lip Cream has appeared. I have talked about this lip product in multiple posts here and here you were so waiting for a plug-in weren't you - so I won't go on anymore but I have been lurving it and obsessing over it. 

Secondly was a purchase in December, the Mac Russian Red Matte Lipstick. I wanted a higher-end red lipstick to challenge my Rimmel Kate Moss 107 and Russian Red really stood out to me. I wore this on Christmas day and was a dream. Considering the amount I ate and *cough* drunk *cough* I only had to reapply this once. Buuutiful. I love to even wear this out for drinks with my friends with a simple white t and jeans combo for a little edge. You so edgy Caroline. You go Glen Coco. 

Eyes wise it's another unsurprising pick from me. I picked up the Wet 'N Wild Walking on Eggshells Palette back in Zurich because *sniff* we can't get it in UK stores, and it is a dream. Nearly worn everyday you can tell by the dent I've made how much I've been loving it. I had a little haul post earlier here. I wear it more than the other palette I picked up mainly because it's more of an everyday shade. 

A couple of months ago I picked up the KIKO Long Lasting Eyeshadow Sticks and it was then and there I knew my world had changed. Tad dramatic there Caroline. Out of all the shades I picked up, 07 definitely has been the most used as a stunning gold. I tend to use this as a gold base for every single golden-eye look I do. It's so creamy. So blendable and after seeing the By Terry ones and having a sneaky swatch of them in SpaceNK, I reckon a pretty darn dupe. 

I would love to know what you've been loving this January and please comment below any of your January favourite posts! Monthly favourites are my favourite (ha) to read! 


  1. great post! The late moss lipstick is amazing i love it!
    Paula |

  2. Such lovely favourites - the walking on egg shells palette looks gorgeous!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. I really want to try the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream!

    xo, Liz

  4. Love these favourites! Now really want to try out the Kiko eyeshadow stick, such a pretty colour :) xx

  5. I read The Glass Castle a few years ago and I think it's such a good read! You're right, defiantly not for those younger than 16. Also, I love NYX Matte Cream! I don't have that color, but I bought like four other ones that are nude and I think they're so nice! Great post, Caroline!
    Lauren-lee Grace Beauty & Fashion

  6. Lovely favorites, Mac Russian red looks beautiful, that's going on my wish list, and also taking sleeping bags to library sounds kinda exciting .. just me? ok.


  7. I neeeeed to find Kiko in AUS, or just do a sneaky online order, hehe. BUT - I BOUGHT A NYX LIP CREAM FINALLY. I LOVE IT. THANK YOU.

    Also, my uni definitely have the sleeping bag, kettle people, at least they're very dedicated? :P



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