Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

I've had my eye on the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette for an absolute age. I felt as if everyone in the world and their mums and aunt had talked about this palette and more importantly KathleenLights had done a gorgeous tutorial and I had to replicate it for myself. I just had to okay? 

I purchased the palette on BeautyBay for £15.50 where I was even able to get free delivery *squeel!* 
Personally I think this is such a great price for this palette as the product is so so worth it!
This palette comes with 10 gorgeous colours, ranging between matte, shimmer and matte with subtle shimmer, neutral warm tone shades.

I have to say that there are a few colours that immediately struck me to being my all-time favourite. Pure Ganache is a gorgeous shimmer metallic gold shade. It's a lot lighter than my much loved Too Faced Honey Pot, so I think this will be a great transitional shade into Spring time. Substitute For Love is what is described as a toffee brown, but is a little lighter than it looked on the website and would personally describe it more as a light tan shade. Freshly Toasted is a stunning light coffee coloured mahogany. I absolutely love this colour already and have been trying a gorgeous eye look with Substitute for Love all over my lid and Freshly Toasted in the crease. I then use Pure Ganache right in the centre of my eye and oh my goodness it's stunning.  

Of course a review would not be the same without some swatches. Can we just admire how beautifully they swatch. swooooooooon!

Left to Right: Delicate Acidity, Infusion, Freshly Toasted, Substitute for Love, Pure Ganache 
Left to Right: Bitter Start, Sweeter End, Warm Notes, Subtle Blend and Beans Are White (confusing right?) 
I just want to take a minute to just swoon about Warm Notes. Oh my goodness. This is the most stunning cranberry/raspberry shade I have ever seen and I don't own a shade like it surprising hey? The pigmentation is absolutely on-point with formula thumbs up Zoeva and the eyeshadows are so so creamy. They swatched like a dream and more importantly, they blend so beautifully in the eye. Bitter Start was the only shade I was a little disappointed with, only because I didn't think it had the best pigmentation, even if it was just used as a highlighter. I reckon I would mostly use this in the inner corners of my eyes if anything.

I actually absolutely love the packaging of this product. I feel as if it's perfect for traveling as it's incredibly light but also not flimsy at all. The size of the pans are so great for the money you pay though I think I will be hitting a few of them very quickly. Eek!

Are there any palettes on the market worth trying? I have my eyes on the Too Faced Chocolate Bar but that will have to wait until payday- sigh! Do you own any Zoeva palettes? Let me know!


  1. This is such a pigmented palette love the shades

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. this palette looks so so good! Subtle Blend, Delicate Acidity and Warm Notes look lovely:)xx


  3. I've had my eye on this palette for a while - it's so beautiful! The shades are gorgeous, and they sound and look like the quality would be amazing! Definitely think I'm going to have to pick it up next time I make an order from Beauty Bay. Great review x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  4. This palette is so pretty, love warm notes, such a gorgeous eye shadow shades!

     Miriam ♥ A whole lot of serendipity

  5. I have been obsessing over this palette for months. I keep adding it into my basket then removing it. Sad times. I should really just buy it already! I did however get the Chocolate Bar Palette a few weeks ago which I am loving :)


  6. This palette is so beautiful! All the shades look amazing!
    Paula | www.namelessgap.blogspot.com

  7. I honestly love this palette its such a gem - although I don't suit the shade warm notes which sucks because its such a pretty colour, pure ganache though is beautiful!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. This palette looks amazing, especially for the price! The shades looks so pigmented and I love the packaging...might have to add this too my wishlist now.


  9. I own 3 of these Zoeva palettes, but the Cocoa Blend is my favourite. I love all the shades. I have my eyes on the new spectrum palettes next! xx


  10. I've wanted this palette for SUCH a long time too, it is just beyond gorgeous! That's going to be my next payday treat I think :-) if you want the chocolate bar palette, Make Up Revolution have some great dupes. I reviewed one of them on my blog if you fancy checking it out - I think you might like it!! http://www.acupoft.co.uk/2016/01/death-by-chocolate-eyeshadow-palatte.html#.VrEk2uYmB5A

    Teri-May xx

  11. Ive never really looked into the Zoeva products before, but this all looks so bloody pretty!! ('Warm Notes' is definitely my fav)
    Great post as always giiiirl xxx


  12. What a beautiful palette! Every shade looks gorgeous and the packaging is so luxurious! I love it!

    El xxx


  13. This palette is gorgeous, I love all of the shades and how different they are to any other palette I've seen. This is not good news for my bank balance!! Xx


  14. This looks amazing!! I've heard so many good things about this brand but haven't tried it yet for myself. I think I may have to give in to this...it looks like the only palette i'd ever need! xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

  15. amazing colours! love pure ganache


  16. What a beautiful palette and such a good price too! Warm notes looks like such a lovely colour!
    Nicola x

  17. I've got the Zoeva Cocoa Blend palette myself and I absolutely love it! It's hands down one of my favourite palettes ever! :) xx

    Kayleigh | http://kayleighmakesup.blogspot.co.uk

  18. Looks like such gorgeous packaging! And I love the colors.


  19. I don't have any palettes by that brand, in fact, I think I had never heard of it (have I been living under a rock?) but since the moment I spotted this beauty on your instagram I fell in love with the super vibrant colors! it looks so amazing! Perfect for 2016 :) Sending you love, xx

    Indie Suns | Bloglovin'

  20. I love this palette, even though a few of the colours pull a little to warm for my skin at time. The pigmentation is exceptional, I must try and use it more. I have my Makeup Geek eyeshadows to blame, they are incredible :)
    xxx Claire

  21. OH MY GOSH. How insane is Warm Notes! Swatching it and it looking that incredible, would love love love to see some of your makeup looks that you use these in! I think it's definitely time I give in and get a zoeva palette!!!!



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