Thursday, March 3, 2016

My Favourite Highlighters

Highlighting and contouring took the beauty world by a storm in the year 2015. I'm sure people have been doing it for years before but to me it was this whole new concept to actively want to add shine to your face. I know right. I'm such a beauty amateur. In this time I picked up quite a few highlighters, some I immediately loved, some which went on to a better home.

It became this technique I was fixated on, where my uni friend, Tajmin & I would practically comment "dat highlight tho" on nearly every photo  safe to say we're really cool. Though she does rock it better than me. Has to be said. Regardless, I thought I would share with you, my favourite highlighters at the moment in my collection.

I wanted to start this blog post with my first ever highlight purchased which was Mac's Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle. Talk about momentary weakness, I had a few minutes to spare to catch my Megabus in Washington gosh such a traveller and popped into the Mac shop in the train station. I had my eyes on the lightscapade shade for an absolute age but after giving it a few swatches I was terrified. The lovely woman at Mac suggested I opted for a warmer shade Soft & Gentle which looked not only more natural, but a lot softer on my skin hey name pun right? For someone with freckles and at that time, more tanned, this was much better suited than a 'cooler' toned highlighter. My most expensive highlight out of the bunch I picked this up for £24 which may seem like a lot but my goodness does it last. I don't tend to travel with this highlighter mainly as I'm admittingly a careless individual and know it would be my luck that it smashed! 

Next are two gorgeous highlighters that come in my Makeup Revolution Ultra Blush Palette in Golden Sugar. Without sounding like a broken record yet again, MUR are a drugstore brand I urge you to check out if you are looking for affordable and beautiful makeup. This palette initially, yes looks a tad terrifying. It took a lot of guts for me to start getting used to playing around with all the shades but as you can see from the mess palette, I am more comfortable with it. Although this palette doesn't have names for each of the shades the far left, bottom and top are stunning highlighters. The bottom left, reminds me of Mac's Soft & Gentle, but with less shimmer and more matte. If you're looking for an easy blush/highlight/bronze product it's my go-to as an easy shade. 
The top left however, it quite a bold bright highlighter that although may seem a bit intimidating, even in the swatches, it acts as a beautiful brow-bone highlighter and if you use a light hand, can make an evening-formal wear look that little bit more 'glowing' without the problem of looking like a glitterball. The price of the entire palette is £6, an amazing bargain for all those highlight, blush and bronzing needs. 

Next are three drugstore highlighters. The Sleek Contour Kit was raved about immensely as a good starter-kit for those wanting to enter the contour/highlight world. I picked mine up in the shade light and although it may not look as if it's been using from a birds-eye view, trust me I will be hitting the pan very soon on this product! The highlighter is gorgeous, a bit more of an orange-warmer toned colour than Mac's but don't let that deter you. For anyone who is impartial to a little fake tan this colour is gorgeous and I still love using it if I am a little bit more tanned or if I bronze up my face that little bit more! 

I recently picked up another Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Golden Lights and this has very quickly made its way into my favourites regardless of probably only owning it for about a month now. As you can tell I've made a bit of a dent in it already and it swatches a bit more warmer and yellow-toned than you would expect from the colour in the pan. I tend to use this mostly when going on nights out as the yellow bounces off more from the camera flash promise I'm not that girl that stalks the photographer in the nightclub and is such a beautifully pigmented highlighter. I love the price at £3 total bargain and am needing to pick up Peach lights, a more pink/orange toned version of this one to try out!

It feels like forever since I picked up the Collection Speedy Highlighter in Pearl Sheen last year in November and it's been a product that just ticks all the boxes. The swatch below kind of proves it. It's probably the most natural looking on my skin-tone out of all the highlighters I own and the only one that isn't in powder form shocker! If you are someone a little fairer I would really recommend this product as it provides that beautiful effortless glow. For those who are a little careless like me, this product is perfect for traveling as it is neither in a liquid form or no worries about it smashing and your beloved product going everywhere! Another bargain at only £3.99! 

Left to Right: Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Bottom Left, Makeup Revolution Blush Palette Top Left, Collection Speedy Highlighter, Sleek Contour Kit, Makeup Revolution Highlighter Golden Lights, Mac Soft & Gentle

There are my favourite highlighters! As I said I have tried a few more but some either turn me into a glitterball mess *cough Revlon Photo Ready *cough* or just aren't suited to my skin tone at all! I would love to know what some of your favourite highlighters are and if there are any you could recommend! I have my eyes on The Balm Mary Lou.....!


  1. MUR so amazing highlights, I have the golden sugar one and a purple single highlight and they're amazing. Soft & gentle was my second Mac one, I got lightscapade first but S&G is the best of the two. You need to try the Balm highlights. They're sooo good. Fab collection :) xx

    Tamz |

  2. lovely collection:) highlighters have become my favourites recently! i have the MUR highlighter in peach lights and love it:)xx

  3. Definitely check out Mary Lou manizer.. That is serious highlighter! I love the sleek one and the Makeup revolution one! My current favourite is the Sleek Solstice palette. Me and my friend always 'makeup goals'. So we're just as cool as you haha :) xx

  4. Highlighter is something I can never master, Im such a beauty amateur too! - the Make Revolution palette looks beautiful though aaaaah! xxx

  5. I was so in need of an highlight review - I feel like I've found my the perfect contour shades but I have yet to find a great highlighter so this was so helpful, thank you! xx

    Filippa ⎮ Always a Dot

  6. Thank you for so much for doing this post! I need some new highlighters so I will defneitely be checking these out! That collection one has caught my eye x

  7. What a Beautiful collection :). These highlighters sounds amazing! I'm currently on the hunt for my perfect shade and can not wait to check the ones that you have mentioned :). I especially like the sound of MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish Soft & Gentle highlighter, I'm really looking forward to trying it!

    El xxx

  8. These look so pretty! Need them all in my life!


  9. Great round up! I think I'd like to give Golden Lights from Revolution a go :D I also nominated you for a 'blog award' if you're interested, check it out here!

    Nicole xxx

  10. Mac have some really amazing highlighters! I am actually the opposite - really a fan of Lightscapade, but was a bit intimidated by Soft & Gentle haha. I guess cool tones suit my complexion better :)

  11. Great picks, I'm a bit highlighter obsessed atm! You NEED to try out the Rosie for Autograph one from M&S in rosebud, I can't go on about it enough!

    www.Barely There | British Beauty & Lifestyle blog


  12. Great picks - I've heard some fab things about the Makeup Revolution highlighters, but never had a chance to try one. I love how affordable they are! <3


  13. Oooh, you have a beautiful collection of highlighters! I'm getting sold on the Makeup Revolution options, also super intrigued by the collection speedy highlighter stick!


  14. Ooh they all look amazing! I love Mac Soft&Gentle a lot for the days where I'm going out or doing a make up look for my blog; it's a bit too intense for everyday on my skin... I just picked up one of the MUR highlighting palettes and they just look amazing!

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

  15. I am in love with highlighters so much at the moment. I love how these are all warm golden tones, the few that I have are cool/pink tones and I don't like them as much. Need to get my hands on all the above!! xx

    Charlotte | Just Charlotte

  16. I love highlighters in general but I'm such a fan of Mac's Soft and Gentle, that was actually the first highlighter I ever bought as well. It's what kicked off my current highlighter obsession!

  17. MUA came out this week with a new duo cream/powder, called strobe&glow. do I need to say more?


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