Thursday, October 27, 2016

5 Recent but Forgotten Products

We've all been there. You buy a product, you obsess about a product and then you...well...forget about a product. This is by no means to say I don't love the product anymore, I just...have forgotten about them. I tend to find writing these posts a sort of reminder that I need to wear these a lot more and make sure they don't fall deep to the bottom of my makeup box.

The Balm Mary Lou Manizer is of course a cult product that I still love so so much. My only issue is that recently I've been wanting a lot more of a "BAM" type of glow, and having been opting for my Colourpop 'Wisp' or Mac 'Soft & Gentle'. However, I have to say I had a couple of bad skin moments a couple of months ago and Mary Lou was the only highlighter which didn't emphasize my bad skin but still gave me a nice natural glow. Now that I'm opting to use my Mac strobe cream in my foundation, Mary Lou looks a lot better paired with a dewy face rather than a matte one.

The Milani Illuminating Powder was something I used on a daily basis during Summer time but has sadly made it down to the bottom of my makeup collection. During the Summer months I don't tend to contour/bronze or use blush as heavily just because I have so much more natural colour to my face so I would only use the illuminating powder to really add a little bit of depth to my face. Now that we've entered the Autumn and Winter period, I need to bronze up and need to add blush to make my face look less one dimensional and as this product is very subtle, I don't think I'll be reaching for it until Spring/Summer time next year!
I'm so annoyed that the Sleek Solstice Makeup Highlighter Palette has made it onto this blog post. I remember being so bloody happy that I managed to buy it in store but it's sadly just not been used as much. Like I said previously, I had a bit of a nightmare with skin allergic reactions, so highlighter fell off my radar a little bit this month. I think I still need to really play around with this product that little bit more in the upcoming months because I reckon this will be amazing for upcoming Christmas parties.
Lastly are two lip products which were so heavily raved about on the blog that I'm not quite sure why they've made it into this blog post. I've sadly forgotten about my L'Oreal Colour Riche in 'Eva's Nude'  and my NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream 'London' for a little while. Once it hit Autumn time, I have to say I have stopped using all my sheer/creamesheen formulas and have opted for a lot more matte dark vampy lips so the beautiful L'Oreal lipstick may just have to wait until the warmer weather. The NYX lip product is a beautiful stunning nude, but it's a tad lighter than my Velvet Teddy (which is my perfect Autumn dark nude) so I haven't been reaching for it as much as I have my other darker nude lips. Saying that, I did decide to bring it out today because I've gone for such a dark nude/brown smokey eye, I felt as if I needed something a bit lighter on my lips! 

Let me know if you have forgotten about any recent purchased products or if you tend to abandon a couple during the different seasons too!


  1. I love Mary Lou, its a great drugstore highlighter but I get what you mean about the 'bam' haha, the MUA highlighter works slighter better for me! Have a lovely Weekend :)

  2. Such a clever post idea - really enjoyed reading this - and so true - all are things that are recent but slipping into the forgotten pile! Love your blog, Lauren -

  3. I'm always being catched by the lip products. Just can't get enough of them haha!

    Victoria x

  4. I don't think I can ever forget about Mary Lou haha, its my holy grail highlighter! Solstice is so beautiful, I don't know why I haven't bought it yet xx

    phoebe & abida \\

  5. I've recently re-discovered Mary Lou-Manizer too! I really like it now that I'm getting paler since a lot of my highlights are a little too much for everyday wear.

    xo, Liz

  6. I have been so so obsessed with the Sleek highlighter for so long and I think it will always be one of my go-to's! I LOVE the idea of this most .. it is so fun to go back and see what you've forgotten about !

  7. It's always a great idea to shop your stash :) Both the Milani and the Balm powders look so pretty! I really like the swirly pattern in the Milani one. I've heard such great things about that Sleek palette, I hope it does agree with your skin :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  8. I always forget about products, and I've been trying to make a more conscious effort to use products I haven't used a lot lately. It's also so easy to forget about products when you're constantly buying new ones!

    Maya // Makeup & Skin

  9. The sleek palette looks gorgeous. I really like London from NYX but it doesn't suit my skin tone. This post will connect with so many of us as we all have those forgotten about products that we loved so much.


  10. I recently shopped my stash and I've been trying to use some of my old forgotten products more often but it's hard, especially when something isn't season appropriate! I recently bought the Mary Loumanizer and I love it so much x

  11. I'm so gutted for you that you've had allergic reactions, the sleek palette is so gorgeous xxx

  12. I just still can't get on with mary-lou! I've hidden it away in a drawer but I'm tempted to try again, it just isn't a winner for me! x

    meg x

  13. I have been buying so many new makeup recently that I have pretty much forgotten my old ones. Honestly I need to put myself on a shopping ban after Sephora VIB sale and start shopping my stash again. I need to give L'Oreal Nude a go, I have a couple of the reds but none of the nudes.

    Reflection of Sanity | b·liv Skincare Set Giveaway

  14. I love the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream!

  15. I love the Mary Lou Manizer highlighter - it's so cheap yet so good!

    i just followed you on bloglovin' too :) you have such a pretty blog!!

    natalia x

  16. I think with so many beauty releases we tend to buy in bulk and forget using the products we've been lusting after haha. I do love the Mary Lou highlighter but like you I go through phases of using it as I have so many other options to play with x

    Beauty with charm

  17. finding forgotten makeup is my favourite thing! great post idea :) Xxx

  18. I have never seen one bad review of the NYX soft matte lip creams, I've been meaning to buy one for so long x

  19. This is such a good post. I have so many makeup items that I have bought but just get put on a pile to get used and just end up sitting there!

    Danielle xx


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