Friday, November 18, 2016

Blogger Mail Unboxing

I've been super lucky that in the past couple of weeks I've been sent some lovely exciting beauty bits to try out from various PR and beauty companies. I've always been a bit of a nosy parker, I love watching people's P.O unboxing hauls and seeing what people have gotten to review, so thought this would be a good post to write for anyone else who to likes to be a bit nosy! Of course I have to add in a disclaimer because well, that's just how we roll, but I'm definitely in no way bragging blah blah blah, and all opinions are my own when a product has been given to me for review!

The lovely people from Dermo28 sent across a range of products for me to try out including the Intensive Moisturizing Mask*, Long-Lasting Deep Moisturizing Serum*, Moisturizing Cleansing Milk* and the Intensive Moisturizing treatment* (can you tell I have dry skin yet?)  I'm quite funny about trying out skincare because my skin is quite sensitive and every now and again can go a little bit mental either with an allergic reaction or a massive break out. I've been testing this out for 2 weeks, as that's usually when I start either noticing some sort of difference or allergic reaction! I won't share too much about the product as I'm going to be putting up a blogpost next week on the range, but at the moment I can say that it's very luxurious and definitely can see some benefits to my skin, the packaging is also totally swoon worthy. 

Next, the lovely people from Seventeen sent across the the Seventeen All Out Pout 'Woo Me' Lip Palette*. These as far as I know are not new to the market, but alas I'm late to the party on most products anyway. I've never tried a lip palette before, mainly because they usually contain a couple of shades that just don't particularly really suit me and I feel that they always go to waste. This is a palette full of glossy, rich red toned lipsticks. Off the bat, I would be mostly drawn to the middle red product as well as the mauve purple toned nude bottom left. These definitely don't have the longest staying power, but not surprising as they are a gloss product rather than a matte. I think the top left and bottom right shades aren't stand alone shades, but better used for mixing with the other two, to make them either lighter/darker or glossier. The pigmentation at first is impressive, but I do think they aren't particularly great for long wear use. If you do have a younger cousin/niece/sister who is just starting to play around with makeup I think this could make a cute stocking filler. 

Next is the Seventeen Let's Face It Palette 'Fair'*. I love a face palette because you can get a heck of a lot of product in one easy travel friendly case, which is amazing. This comes with one salmon pink concealer, a orange/yellow toned concealer, a cream light peach blush and a powder. Now if you look at my images, they kind of just look like 4 concealers, as the blush is so bloomin light. The medium palette seems to have a much more pigmented and coloured blush than the fair one which is a bit of a shame so I kind of wish I had the medium one to play around with a bit more. The blush is also very small, so am not sure you could really dip a brush in it without it getting all over, and let's be honest, who ever uses those brushes that it comes with? This does however mean that the concealers are quite light and therefore good at blending under the eyes. The powder is a little chalky so I would only recommend as under the eyes, rather than all over the face. The problem is 100% the number of shades available. As far as I can see there is only two palette shades which definitely does not have enough shade range for those with darker skin which is very unfair! Overall I'll be seeing how I get on with the product and keep y'all posted!  

Finally is this gadget. Now I'm not going to lie, when I first opened it I was a little red faced in the office because I definitely thought it was a little...well...what's the word, phallic? Anyway, I'm actually quite excited to use this, this is the pmd Personal Microderm* ageing and skin purifying system. I absolutely love skincare, but it's odd that I don't actually own any type of skincare device yet, so I'm hoping for good results. It also came with a load of these little discs that are used for different areas, along with a DVD showing you how to properly use it, which I think is super handy. This is quite a pricey item but has great reviews on the website so fingers crossed. I have gained some quite intense frown lines which I'm hoping this will magically get rid of, but if it's any good I want to give it to my mum to use as well as she's always ready for the best new skincare product!
So there we have it! Let me know if you've tried any of the above and your thoughts and also if you want any updates on any of the above and how I get along with them! 


  1. The Dermo28 goodies sounds really good. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on those. I have the Miroderm and its amazing, it basically made my skin look a millions times better xx

    LPage Beauty

  2. I love the PMD! So perfect for my winter skin too! The Dermo28 products sound beautiful too!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  3. The PMD sounds amazing! I have really congested skin, and it looks like it would be perfect for it

    Maz |

  4. I've never tried a skincare device, can't wait to hear how the PMD works out for you!

  5. I love reading and watching people's blogger mails too so thanks for sharing chick! I love the sound of Dermo28 - I have dry skin too so it sounds perfect x

    Always, Alice


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