Wednesday, May 24, 2017

5 Good Things this Spring/Summer

Going home: I haven' actually been back to Switzerland since Christmas time and I am so excited that on Thursday I'm flying back for a long weekend. Although I've seen my mum a couple of times and my dad once since Christmas it just isn't the same. I've also not seen my cats for a whole 5 months which actually pains me prepare for a lot of Instastories. I'm going out with my Grandma at the same time but obviously still managing to ensure that I make the most of the weekend and actually go out out which always pains my wallet a little bit over there. 

Cyprus: A couple of weeks after going home I'm actually going to Cyprus with my Mum for a week in June. I've never been to Cyprus and last year because I went straight into work after university I didn't actually go on a Summer holiday. My skin is in desperate need of some Vitamin D and I'm pretty much looking forward to just sitting back at the beach and the hotel pool reading and relaxing. We're staying in Paphos so if any of you have been there before and have any recommendations please let me know! 

Dream Girls: Now that I live in London I try and make the most of going to the theatre. I spontaneously booked tickets to go see Dream Girls because I didn't realise that the performances actually end in October. I am a big Amber Riley fan so cannot wait to see her perform, because what's better than watching "And I Am Telling You" at the Savoy Theatre - pretty iconic if you ask me. 

Street Parade 2017: I've finally managed to convince my flatmate/wife to book tickets to go back to Zurich in August for the annual street parade. Now I haven't been to this street parade since 2012 but basically the entirety of Zurich city shuts down and they have over 30 mobile stages and 6 large stages taking over the entire city and people pretty much drink and dance all day long. It'll also be the first time Emily visits Switzerland properly so obvs chocolate and cheese consumption throughout the weekend will be necessary. 

The Weather: Can we just APPRECIATE this weather?! Suddenly this week it appears that's probably too early to jinx it and say Summer has finally hit. I've not only been purchasing some new holiday clothes but finally a bunch of new summer bits. This sort of weather just automatically puts me in such a good mood and I feel so inclined to be happy and get my butt off the couch to doing something! 



  1. I always feel a bit happier when the sun is shining! x

  2. Enjoy your holiday!

    xo, Liz

  3. So jealous of your holiday plans! The sun is gorgeous right now, I'm making the most of it!xx

    Lucy |

  4. Sounds like you're bound for a lot of lovely travel!

    I've never been to Cyprus- although I've read and heard A LOT about it.

    I recently left my cat for one weekend, which was already WAAAY to long for me. I can't begin to imagine how you survived 5 months.


  5. I am desperate to see Dream Girls in London, it is one of my favourite musicals!

    Danielle xx

  6. These definitely sound like 5 great things you are doing :D I'm so pleased the weather is starting to pick up recently, been loving this sunshine! Hope you have a fab time in Cyprus :D


  7. The weather has been so nice recently, I can't believe it - also dream girls sounds good!

    Lucy | Forever September

  8. I'm exactly the same when it comes to the Theatre, I bloody love the place! If you haven't already, try and watch Aladdin, its freakin amazing xx

  9. Theres something about the sun coming out and the weather getting warmer, that just makes me happier.
    Alicia x


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