Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bourjois Poudre De Riz De Java

Every now and again I come across a product that literally changes my makeup game. The Bourjois Poudre De Riz De Java is a product I originally saw on Lily from Pint Sized Beauty's blog here and I cannot thank her enough for urging me to pick this up. I've never picked up any of the hourglass products, mainly because I can't justify biting the bullet on the costs, but after adding this to my collection, I don't feel as if I'm missing it from my collection.

The powder is a loose and finely milled powder. Bourjois claim that this is transparent which I don't agree on as in the pan it's clearly a light pink shade, although to me, makes it all that bit better. It doesn't appear pink on the skin at all, and doesn't actively change the overall complexion of your skin. There is a very fine sheen that runs through the powder which is what gives this powder it's unique qualities. I don't use this as a setting powder, mainly because otherwise I appear far too shint even with my dry skin but instead lightly dust this with a powder brush after setting my makeup which creates an effortless glow and therefore is more of a finishing powder. My pores aren't enlarged by the powder nor does it set into any of my dry patches. 

I adore the packaging of this product, it's classical and does make you feel as if you're stepping back in time to the 1870s. I know some people aren't a fan of the scent, but this has almost a powdered floral rose scent to it which I think smells sweet and romantic. 
If you're looking for a new finishing powder to add a bit more dimension and brighten up your complexion then I definitely recommend picking it up! 


  1. This sounds really nice! I definitely want to check this powder out :)

    xo, Liz

  2. This sounds lovely! I tend to stay clear of powders due to my dry skin but this sounds like it could work! I'm gonna have to buy it and give it a whirl! xo

    Laura | Blush and Bronze

  3. I've heard so much about this, it sounds beautiful! Much better price that the Hourglass too!

    Danielle's Beauty Blog

  4. I'm definitely going to pick this up soon, I just love the sound of it!!

    The Makeup Directory

  5. I've seen this from Lily too and really want to pick it up, glad that you like it aswel!

  6. I am going to have to pick this up soon, it looks so stunning!

    Danielle xx

  7. Love the packaging, I had no idea this was Bourjois when I first saw it.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  8. This sounds amazing, I am a big lover of Rimmel Stay Matte but this might just be the next powder I try! x

  9. Ooooh I've actually never heard of this before! The packaging looks similar to the Benefit eye cream! I'm with you on the fact I could never justify the prices of Hourglass - maybe one day haha! I must give this a try :) Thanks for the recommendation!

    Tania | Teabee - UK Lifestyle, Beauty & Travel Blog xx

  10. I really want to pick up this powder, I saw Lily talk about it in her post - definitely tempted me!

    Lucy | Forever September


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