Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Monthly Favourites: April

I know how quickly the months are going by when I start to panic that I need to write my monthly favourite round up posts. April was a very busy work month so I took a little much needed time off for a week in the blogging department whilst still managing to make dents in my wallet - tis the way. 
In March I was swiftly happy to move into Spring but I think it wasn't until April where I really started upping my game plus I also had a bunch of brand new pretty products to play around with from my birthday.

Firstly I think there is a lipstick that myself, and my flatmate, have pretty much worn constantly. Courtesy of my boss for my Birthday the Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick 'Bitch Perfect' has been a non-stop staple. I wrote a full review about the lipstick here and I kid you not, I'm just obsessed. Usually a peach lipstick would look horrific on me, but it just has that perfect pink undertone that makes it so much more wearable. 

Next of course it one of my all time favourite foundations, the L'Oreal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation. I finally repurchased this foundation after last year when I fell in love with the dewy formula and I have to say, it still doesn't disappoint. Although I would love for this to come in a bottle (because it dries up so quickly and is expensive considering the amount of actual product you get) I just can't stop using it. I love using a damp Ecotools Ecofoam Makeup Sponge in which you get the most beautiful dewy complexion. Definite love. 

Recently I've also been aiming to go through and declutter a lot of my makeup and have found myself using products that I didn't remember I really owned. The Beauty Pie One Powder Wonder* was one that sat in my drawers for quite a while after it was kindly sent to me, just because I had so many other powders to use up. Although saying that, I've now hit pan on this massively. It's a translucent powder which is very fine and I love using this for a light dusting to powder. Because it is so fine, I wouldn't use this to set a very high coverage foundation, but instead use this for more BB Creams Light and Medium foundations. 

Although I've been loving a much more champagne and pink eyeshadow base at the moment, I can never shy away from a classic nude eyeshadow. I've been using my Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette a lot recently but what has been making a lot of difference is using the Colourpop Supershock Shadow 'Cornelius'. Although it does take a bit more effort to build up than the shimmery colourpop shadows, this just acts as a perfect base and transition colour for all over the lid. 

I'm definitely ready for Spring now, so if we could just ditch the umbrellas and winter coats fully it would be much appreciated! Let me know in the comments one product that you have been obsessed with in April! 


  1. The one product I've been obsessed with has to be the Becca Highlighting Pen in Champagne pop. I've become so into putting it in the corner of my eyes and down the bridge of my nose over a powder highlight as you can be so much more precise with it! xo

  2. Yes to ditching the umbrellas, please! The Charlotte Tilbury lipstick sounds lovely, the shades I have I absolutely love the formula. I loved the L'Oréal cushion foundation last year too but I haven't picked it up since due to using it up so quickly previously.

    Kristy |

  3. I've just bought the L'Oreal foundation after so much hype, and I love it! Such a good everyday one. x

  4. I have seen so many great reviews of the L'Oréal Cushion Foundation, I must give it a try x

  5. I love Bitch Perfect! The L'Oreal cushion foundation sounds amazing! I'll definitely be picking it up for the summer xx

  6. I love the L'Oreal Cushion Foundation! It's so great for spring :)

    xo, Liz

  7. I love the sound of that lipstick, CT products never disappoint!xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  8. I tried on Bitch Perfect in the CT store ages back and it didn't really suit me, but everyone else seems to love it so I'm tempted to give it another go!! Also love that foundation and powder!

    The Makeup Directory

  9. Not sure about this but people say cushion foundations give off that finish because it is in the cushion form. But I don't know if it's true or not.

  10. The L'Oreal foundation is such a lovely one, it's so lightweight yet gives a gorgeous coverage. I need to try the CT lipsticks, especially Bitch Perfect.

    Alice | alicemaysnell

  11. I just got my hands on a colourpop shadow and I'm honestly so in love with it - lovely post as always!

    Lucy | Forever September


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