Monday, July 24, 2017

Revlon Unboxing First Impressions

I get very excited when every now and again I receive products from PR, especially when I didn't even know I'm on their radar. I frantically opened up the Revlon package and got so excited when I saw an array of new products and knew I would have to do a first impressions post after I've had a little bit of time to try them out. 

The first two products that caught my eye were the Instant Beauty blush and highlight. Firstly there is the Revlon Photoready Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick 210 'Gold Light'* which is a stunning stick highlight. I don't actually own many stick products at all as I find them really difficult to apply and work with my foundations. I have to say I was really impressed with this highlighter, as you can see from the swatch, the pigmentation is definitely there and blends out and sits well under both my high coverage foundations like my L'Oreal True Match and also under my BareMinerals tinted moisturiser. The one thing I would say is that the colour is a little bit dark so I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off in the Winter time so perhaps will need to pick up their other shade 'Champagne'. Second is the Revlon Insta-Blush 320 'Berry Kiss'*. I have to say this is one product I'm not too sure on. I find that the pigmentation isn't particularly there and you have to apply quite a bit of product in order for it to show. I'll have to test this out a bit more and will keep you posted! 
Next we have the lip products. First is the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor 'Seduction'*. Now I actually already own one of these in quite a bright shade 'Flirtation' and am so excited to have a nude shade in my collection too. Now the one thing to really emphasise on the formula here is that they are not matte at all. In my opinion it appears much more of a sheen gloss rather than a typical liquid lipstick. Although the name doesn't really suit the product, I actually love the formula of these regardless. They are super comfortable and make your lips look more full. 

Lastly we have the Revlon Ultra HD Gel LipColor in '710 Desert'* a pink nude and '760 Vineyard'* a berry purple. I have been non-stop using Desert since I first unboxed this. It is such an easy everyday shade and the sheen formula makes it so perfect for the Summer time. Vineyard I think I will get a bit more use out of when we hit Autumn time as it's a little too dark for an everyday wear at the moment. I actually love the application of these, they are like a elongated lipstick bullet and find the application super smooth. The staying-power is quite impressive for a sheer lipstick but the formula still feels lightweight.

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried out any of the products mentioned, would love to get your thoughts and also if you have any tips on the blush application! 
Left to Right: Gel Lip Colour 'Desert', 'Vineyard', Ultra Matte Lipcolor 'Seduction', Revlon Insta-Blush 320 'Berry Kiss'Highlighting Stick 'Gold Light', 



  1. I really want to try those gel lip colours, they look so pretty! xx

  2. The lip colors look beautiful !

  3. Love the colors!

  4. It must be so exciting to come home to a package from a brand! I love the colour of the highlight although I am not really a fan of stick highlighters either, I feel like they just kind of rub my foundation around! xo

  5. Everything looks amazing! I especially love the look of those gel lip colours! x

  6. Seduction sounds like my kind of shade! It's so pretty and perfect for everyday wear :)

  7. The highlighting stick looks stunning! xx Nikita

    BLOG//Jasmine Loves

  8. These colours are all gorgeous! Seduction is definitely my kind of shade!

    Emily xo

  9. I haven't tried anything by Revlon in such a long time, it must have been years!
    I am going to have to pop into Boots and take a look at their counter!

    Danielle xx

  10. I love the Ultra HD Matte Lip Colors. I have one and I love how they apply. I think they're really creamy but love the kind of velvet/matte finish once they've dried. I'd love to try the HD Gels!

    Corrie | Corrie Arnold


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