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T-Zone Charcoal & Bamboo Collection - First Impressions | AD

The charcoal skincare trend has been pretty much everywhere over the past couple of months. I'm sure we're all familiar with those videos of very convincing black peel-off nose masks popping up on our Facebook/Instagram and Twitter feeds. I was super excited when T-Zone got in touch for me to give the entire Charcoal & Bamboo Collection a try. There are 8 cleansing/purifying charcoal products in the range and available in Superdrug this July. 

Charcoal & Bamboo Black Cleansing Wipes £2.99 - I have to say there is something really strange about taking off your makeup with a black cleansing wipe. I'm a big fan of cleansing wipes as I usually like to get the first layer of my makeup off with them and then go in to cleanse. I have to say I do like these, they remove my makeup however they aren't as moist as most cleansing wipes I own and as someone with dryer skin, I would like them to have a bit more moisture. They do a great job at taking off my eyeliner and mascara which is always a bonus as I find most drugstore cleansing wipes don't do that great of a job.

Charcoal & Bamboo Black Peel Off Mask £4.99 - Probably one of the products I was most excited to try out would be this one. This is exactly like the nose-peel off product that you see online everywhere. My flatmate and I both tried this, and for me I think with my dry and sensitive skin it unfortunately left me with a bit of a sore nose so it may be a little bit too harsh if you have dry/sensitive skin. However my flatmate who has much more oilier skin said it felt as if the oils had extracted and left her skin much smoother so I recommend this for those with oily/combination skin much more! 

Charcoal & Bamboo Nose Pore Strips £3.99 - Much like the peel off mask this didn't work fab on my dry skin but luckily getting my flatmate to try these out with me, she really loved the nose strips. She used really hot water on a flannel before to open up her pores which definitely made a huge difference. 

Charcoal & Bamboo Ultra Purifying Face Wash £3.25 - This has to be my favourite product out of the range which is strange because I find it really difficult to find a cleanser that compares to my holy-graily Lush Ultrabland. What I love about this cleanser is first of all, the packaging, it has a handy little pump rather than being in a tube. Secondly it lathers so nicely on your skin that you generally feel as if it is giving your skin a proper cleanse and breaking down the makeup. 

Charcoal & Bamboo Self-Heating Mask £4.99 - This had to be one of the most interesting products out of the range as I've never tried a self-heating mask. Essentially you wet your face and massage the sachets onto your face with your hands, the water activates with the mask and starts heating it up. I left this on for 3 minutes before rinsing off and my skin felt so cool oddly as it was a heated mask! I felt as if my skin looked a little more glowy and I think this will be so nice to use in the Winter.

Charcoal & Bamboo Deep Cleansing Scrub £2.99 - I'm actually going to pass this along to my cousin who I know will love this product as unfortunately I don't really use exfoliating scrubs on my face at all because they are too intense for my dry skin but I can really imagine her loving this! By removing excess oils and dead skin cells, it aims to purify and draw out dirt. 

Charcoal & Bamboo No Shine-Papers £2.99 - I've never owned blotting papers before but I have to say these are so handy. You get 50 sheets in a packet which I think is great value for money and are handy to keep in your makeup bag for on-the-go. Although I have incredibly dry skin I still tend to get a bit shiny around my nose after a long day, so if you're planning to go out, just give your nose a bit of a pat with one of these and reapply your powder and you're good to go!

Overall I'm impressed with the collection, being drugstore it's actually very budget friendly. Although a couple of the products won't work on my dry and sensitive skin, I reckon if you've got oily/combination skin you'll love the nose strips and cleansing scrub!

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  1. I really need some blotting papers - might have to try these! Sounds like a good range of products but definitely more suited to those with oily skin xx

    Lucy |


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