Sunday, November 5, 2017

Recent Lifestyle Favourites

With a whole new load of TV shows launching this month and me pretty much raiding the entirety of the Tesco food aisles this month, I thought I'd share some of my recent lifestyle favourites.

Firstly would be the return of Stranger Things 2 - I am obsessed. Because my flatmate doesn't watch it, I haven't watched too many episodes (I think I'm on ep 5...)  so no one ruin it, but I can't believe how incredible this season is (so far) and I'm really contemplating picking something up from the new Topshop X Stranger Things range - obsessed. 

Secondly I've been loving that Riverdale is back, although I've had to put it on the back seat because of Stranger Things, I still love love love the show. I didn't think it was going to be a show for me, and although the storyline is a little bit of a cliche in some parts, I think it's a great easy watching on a Sunday afternoon. 

I promise I do more than just watch TV, but I recently signed up for Disneylife and it's the best thing in existence. It has every single Disney movie (apart from Moana, like sort it out please) and Disney TV show and more importantly, it has Mary Poppins. My flatmate had only ever seen Mary Poppins like once I KNOW, so I was adamant that we needed to watch it. Best £4.99 I've spent....each month.

A candle I've been burning all this season is the Bath and Body Works Autumn CandleI actually picked this up through the UK Bath and Body Works Fan Facebook Page, and although yes, I did over pay for a candle, it is so worth it. The Autumn candle is my all time favourite candle scent, because to me it's just crunchy leaves, red apples and cosy-nights. I just finished burning last years one, and have now just lit this one and although I'm a bit gutted because I preferred last years candle jar wrap design this still is just as amazing as I remember. The three-wick Bath and Body Works candles are such great value for money because they burn slowly and my entire flat is filled with the scent unlike some which just fade after a while.

Last but not least, Cadbury's Mini Rolls. I can't even tell you how many I've eaten over the past couple of months. Ever since they did the challenge on Great British Bake Off I've been craving them non-stop. The only problem is, is that I can have 5 in a row and still keep eating them....someone help me! And yes, I am currently eating one right now whilst writing this blog post

Let me know in the comments below what lifestyle favourites you've been loving recently! 



  1. Topshop has a Stranger Things range? This has changed my life. I loved season 2! :)

  2. Riverdale and Stranger Things have been life right now! I loved Stranger Things waaaay more than the first series too! I hope you enjoy it just as much. I really need to visit a bath and body works! I want to smell all of the candles :-(
    Amber |

  3. Why is this the first I'm hearing of DisneyLife?! Amazing xxx

    Rhi |

  4. I'm on episode 5 of Stranger Things as well and I'm loving it, definitely lives up to the hype!

    The Makeup Directory

  5. Stranger things 2 has been my life the past week. Absolutely love it. And you reminded me that I need to watch the second season of Riverdale - I enjoyed the first one so much, hope the season 2 is as good.
    I wish I could get candles from Bath and Body Works, however, now my favourite is Wood Wick candle. I love that the candle crackles and makes a sound of fire place (plus it smells divine).


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