Saturday, December 16, 2017

All That Glitter

With Christmas right around the in like 8 days away whaaat I've been tapping into my very glittery makeup collection which adds a little bit more sparkle to my makeup looks.

Firstly I have been obsessed with my No7 Shimmer Palette Rose palette which has become a staple to wear on top of my matte blushers and bronzers to add a bit more of a natural glow. I wouldn't use this on it's own, as I do think it's too shimmery for a bronzer, and not pink toned enough for a blusher, but with a little tapered brush you can lightly swipe this on your cheeks and the rest of your forehead and it does add a bit more lift to your complexion.

Next of course is my Mac Skinfinish Soft & Gentle which to me is probably one highlighter I will always repurchase. I've actually completely demolished mine now so I will need to repurchase as I've gone beyond hitting pan. This is a very true shimmery champagne highlighter and you can either leave it to be more of a natural highlighter or with a little Fix + you can seriously make a striking cheekbone! 

The Kylie Cosmetics KOKO Lipgloss Sugar Plum' in the KOKO Lip Kit is a gorgeous shimmery peachy champagne gloss and lip topper. For the Christmas party season gloss is the only way to go in my opinion and I either opt for Colourpop Fairy Floss, but sugar plum is such a stunning colour on top of lipsticks like Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk that I had to include it.

I've talked about the Mac Cosmetics 2016 Nutcracker Collection Pigments loads on the blog recently, and although they are limited edition so not around this year, Mac really do some stunning pigments in similar and different colours that you can pick up. I'm actually that weird person who doesn't do my eye makeup before my face makeup, but when I use pigments I definitely change round the rules. I'd definitely recommend either a primer like the Urban Decay Potion or using Fix + to really keep the pigments in place. 

Let me know in the comments below what are some of your favourite festive glitters!
Left to Right: Mac Cosmetics 'Nutracker' Pigments, No7 Shimmer Palette Rose, Mac Cosmetics Soft & Gentle, Kylie Jenner KOKO 'Sugar Plum' Lipgloss


  1. That first MAC pigment looks gorgeous - shame about it being limited edition! I'm thinking of picking up one of MAC's mini pigments to give them a go, as I actually don't have any pigments in my makeup collection!

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  2. MAC Soft and Gentle will always be one of my favourite highlighters, no matter what else I try, that is always one product that I go back to!

    Danielle xx

  3. I've recently picked up mac soft and gentle ... as well as the shade lightscapde and I am loving them! I can see why those products are so loved by many people. x

  4. That no7 palette looks so pretty - reminds me a lot of the shimmer bricks from Bobbi Brown!
    Helpless Whilst Drying


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