Monday, February 19, 2018

Recent Lifestyle Favourites

For some reason I actually find it easier to write lifestyle favourites as I always seem to have more and more of them than actually beauty favourites. Now when I say favourites, usually these sorts of blog posts just highlight what a crazy lifestyle I have - case and point below books, TV and gym - wild

NOW TV - I was always feeling pretty content with our Netflix and Amazon fire stick along with freeview, but since getting NowTV and no this isn't sponsored I find myself literally watching everything on it. I've finally seen Moana it was flipping adorable, caught up on the new series of Modern Family and Emily and I have started watching Stalker which I swear is giving me nightmares every night. I literally live by it. 

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman- I saw this book pretty much everywhere over the past couple of weeks. I'm usually into my crime/thriller books so I was a little apprehensive about reading this one as I didn't really know what the genre was, or even the storyline. The characters in this book are so intriguing, the storyline has an unusual and unexpected twist to it. You almost feel sorry and a little sad for Eleanor during this book, she's such a unique character, but after finishing the book I actually felt as if Eleanor had closure and almost a weight is lifted off your shoulders. 

The Greatest Showman Soundtrack - I don't care that it's been absolutely forever since I saw the movie, but I am still as obsessed as ever with the soundtrack. I know people are probably tired of hearing the songs, well not me. I literally can't think of anything better than on a Sunday blasting it in my living room whilst doing my chores, it totally lifts up my mood. 

Zara - I don't know what has suddenly happened, but everything on the highstreet right now is amazing in particular Zara which although is great for my wardrobe, not so fab for my bank account. I made it a mission on my February to-do list to save money, which was going very well until I spent a small fortune on two coats in there the other day. I needed a new puffer jacket for my trip to Iceland so picked up this gorgeous one and also wanted a much smarter jacket for work events etc and this Double-Breasted Oatmeal/Camel Coat seriously caught my eye. What can I say, saving money is going really well. 

Dance Classes - Usually I couldn't think of anything worse than spending my evenings at the gym, I am not that person who will be on the cross trainer for 40mins. Thankfully my gym has two amazing dance classes a week I go to which are just so incredibly fun. On Monday I go to a street dance/contemporary/Zumba mix class and on Thursdays a proper street-dance class where every 4 weeks you learn the choreography to a new song. Although I do my Circuits class on a Sunday which I do mildly dread, there is something about these classes that is fun, meaning I actually look forward to going to the gym and exercising. 

Let me know in the comments below what you've been loving recently! 


  1. I feel like the only person who hasn't seen the Greatest Showman!!

  2. Ooh I'd love to find a dance class near me, I love dancing and I love my Zumba classes! The Greatest Showman soundtrack is amazing and Moana is one of my fave films xo

    Char |

  3. The Greatest Showman Soundtrack is definitely one of my favourites at the moment, I love every single song!

    Danielle xx

  4. I really want to see The Greatest Showman as the soundtrack is really good. I used to watch Stalker and its such a good show, but its quite creepy!

  5. I wish my gym had classes - dance classes must be so much fun and a great way to burn those calories!


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