Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Two Peas In A Pod #2

I absolutely love finding products from two different brands that just work so well together that you can't help but wear them with one another every time. I did a previous Two Peas In A Pod blog post here and unsurprisingly, as my makeup collection has grown, so have the number of products that are ying & yang to another. 

Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk' & Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip 'Aquarius': I featured Pillow Talk in my first Two Peas In A Pod blog post, but paired it with Fairy Floss. That to me was the ultimate feminine, pretty pink lip duo that existed, but once I got my hands on the Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip 'Aquarius' I've been loving the darker more muted duo. Although the gloss can we worn on it's own as a dark muave nude, wearing Pillow Talk underneath brings out a little bit more of the pinkier side of Aquarius. I would wear this duo more for Autumn/Winter and the Fairy Floss duo more towards Spring/Summer. 

Kathleen Lights KL Polish 'Lumiere' & Colourpop 'Lumiere Lippie Stix' - Okay so technically from a different brand, but the Colourpop Lumiere Lippie Stix is a collab from Kathleen Lights, so there was no doubt that this duo would feature as they are essentially, the same exactly color but in two different products. I never would think to match my nails to my lipstick, but seeing as I am obsessed with the colour Lumiere as a lip colour, I knew I would love it as a polish. I would say these two are as similar as a polish and lip colour can be, and not only am I obsessed with KL polishes (can we just talk about the formula and the perfectly wide brushes for a second!), the shade is perfect for an everyday look, both lips and nails. 

Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise 'Jean' & Colourpop Press Shadow 'Let Me Explain'  - When I first used this duo I immediately knew this was going to become my everyday eye look. With just a bit of brown in the crease, you get the most stunning combination by using Jean and Let Me Explain. Jean almost acts as a base and primer, it's moussey and tacky consistency means not only it is a dream to smoothly apply shadow on top of, but it lasts such a long time. Jean is a little bit on the darker champagne side, and can be used on it's own but I love popping Let Me Explain on top to brighten it up and add that extra shimmer. 

Left to Right: Charlotte Tilbury 'Pillow Talk', Colourpop 'Aquarius', Colourpop 'Let Me Explain', Charlotte Tilbury 'Jean'  



  1. I've been wanting Pillow Talk for the longest time, I need to take the plunge and order it! I also love the idea of this post, I have quite a few products i love to mix together

  2. Ah I'm a sucker for a good Colourpop product, I know I would love pillow talk and aquarius together because they're both my kind of shade!
    jen, velvet spring x

  3. I love CP and CT products, who doesn't haha, but one thing I don't have is the Aquarius shade, I feel like I need it in my life xx

  4. I have never tried any Colour Pop products before, but I have only heard good things about the brand!

    Danielle xx

  5. Pillow Talk has become a pure cult nude for everyone!

    Candice |

  6. The swatches are soo dreamy, I loove the two eyeshadow shades! The Lumiere shade is absolutely beautiful too xo

    Char |

  7. These combinations sound awesome. I love layering the colour pop ultra glossy lips over lipstick as well!

  8. This is such a good idea of a post. Those shades are gorgeous, I love the look of Aquarius <3 dreamy! x

  9. these combinations sound lovely. the ColourPop lipstick looks lovely x

  10. I love the colors! They look so stunning.


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