Saturday, March 10, 2018

A Dreamy Lip Trio

I love finding products that just work effortlessly together and this lip trio is no exception.

I am usually absolutely rubbish when it comes to using lip liner but I know if I need my lipstick to last longer I have to make that extra effort. The KIKO Cosmetics Lavish Lip Liner “01” is that perfect pink nude lip liner. I am so impressed with KIKO Cosmetics just generally as a brand, but their lip liners are stunning. They are incredibly smooth and creamy and don’t tug at all and they
really do make your lipstick last that little bit longer during the day. As this is quite a pink and pigmented lip liner I don’t tend to fill my lips in entirely, but instead just line so you can still get  the colour of my main lipstick peaking through.

For the lipstick it can only ever be the Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution ‘Pillow Talk’. This lipstick sits beautifully on top of this lip liner. The lip liner almost makes it a bit more mauve in undertone but with the lipgloss on top, it brings it back to its original colour. I always feel as if Pillow Talk has such a great lasting power, which may be due to it being a “matte” finish although is much more of a sheen finish, and comfortable.

Finally on top is Colourpop Ultra Glossy Lip “Fairy Floss”. This is now my second tube of fairy floss, I use it constantly! For someone who absolutely hates gloss, I always reach for this. Although it’s not the longest lasting lip product (which it never was going to be as it’s a gloss), it’s so effortless to pop on top of any lipstick. It has only a slight pink tinge to it meaning it doesn’t drastically change the colour of Pillow Talk either.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite lip trio is at the moment!



  1. This really does look like a stunning combination - I love the Kiko Milano lip products and know Charlotte Tilbury is so popular ! I'm just loving anything nude & easy to wear at the minute - I love the Collection lip creams !
    Saira xxx

  2. These look like perfect everyday colours. Pillow Talk is such a raved about colour - I really need to try it too!

  3. I LOVE Fairy Floss, it's one of my all time favourite glosses. It goes with all nudes and light pinks xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  4. These look like the most perfect everyday lip colours!
    Amber |

  5. Wow, this does look like the most dreamy combo!!

  6. I seriously need this lip combo in my life, it's beautiful! I've never tried anything from Kiko before, so I must pop in to my local store and grab a couple of lip liners xo

    Char |

  7. These are all such stunning shades. I am going to try something from Kiko soon, I haven't tried anything from them before!

    Danielle xx

  8. Those are absolutely beautiful! We don't have that brand here in Mexico but I wish I could try it!

  9. this looks like such a lovely lip trio. Fairy Floss looks like a lovely lipgloss x


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