Friday, May 11, 2018

My Favourite Drugstore Palette

To be honest I've never been much into the YouTuber beauty product hype.  A lot of the time I find that they are increasingly marked up considering they are a drugstore product and just haven't ever really 'wowed me'. However, the one YouTuber product that has, is the Tanya Burr Birthday Suit Eye Palette. I actually repurchased this as I had used up two of my favourite shades in my old palette and actually found myself really missing this product, and for a bargain for some reason for £2 in Superdrug. 

The eye shadow palette consists of 4 neutral eye shadows perfect to create an everyday look but can also take you from day to night. 

Marzipan - A shimmery pink champagne shade 
Toast - A warm caramel crease shade 
Cocoa Sugar - A shimmery bronze
Soft Truffle - A matte brown 

There are definitely eyeshadows and eyeshadow palettes in my collection which have better pigmentation and formulation, but what makes this my favourite drugstore palette is how I can go away for a weekend and only need to take this single palette with me. I've thought about depotting these shadows and putting them inside my Z Palette, but it's nice to be able to just have this singular palette to take, as I have every shade I need to do a simple eye look (usually consisting of Marizipan all over the lid and Toast in the crease) or an evening look (Toast as a transitional shade, Cocoa Sugar across the lid and Soft Truffle in the crease). The packaging, albeit a little chunky, is lightweight and because it is cardboard, I've never had any of my shadows smash inside it.

My one query is....I can't seem to find this online at all..I know quite a few people actually who love this palette so I'd be surprised is this is now being discontinued! If anyone knows keep me posted and also let me know if you've tried and loved this palette too! 

Left to Right: Marzipan, Toast, Cocoa Sugar, Soft Truffle 


  1. These 4 shades look super pretty, perfect for an everyday eye!

  2. this entire palette looks lovely, especially Cocoa Sugar!

  3. I love this palette! The marzipan is definitely my fave! 💖😘💖✨

  4. The perfect shades for everyday wear. I definitely want to try more Tanya Burr makeup x

  5. I absolutely love this palette and its definitely one of my favourite drugstore palettes, if not the only drugstore palette I actually use! Can't believe its not online anywhere, I've nearly run out of a few shades ahh!

    Lucy | Forever September

  6. This palette is soo beautiful and such an amazing price! I love all of the shades - I think I need to get this (if I don't already have it.. The joy of owning too many eyeshadow palettes, you can never remember which ones you actually own haha!!) xo

    Char |


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