Sunday, June 3, 2018

TV Shows I've Been Watching Lately

I feel like just a couple of months ago I had a massive dry spell of absolutely nothing to watch on TV and suddenly I've just been inundated with a load of TV shows that pretty much make me want to just cancel all my plans and binge all day everyday. 

Safe is quite a weird one as when I first started watching it I thought, okay here it is, the new Broadchurch, ready for some gripping, dark and twisted stuff. And then....well it just gets a bit weird. How most people, including myself have been describing this show is 'the poor man's Broadchurch'. That by no means is calling it a bad show, it just has some real bizarre moments in it. The show follows a father whose daughter and her boyfriend who have gone missing. There are some serious 'oh my' moments, but then some also almost comedic and cliche moments. Some of the situations in it are so ridiculous and far fetched that it's hard to take it seriously. Although some of it seems almost a bit silly slapstick at times I've really thoroughly enjoyed it, but if you're looking for a serious hard hitting drama like Luther, Line of Duty and The Fall...maybe give this one a miss. 

Okay seeing as I work in reality television I of course have a major soft spot for it too. I have been a massive fan of Below Deck for a while now and actually did the PR for it at my old job. This show follows a boat crew whilst they work and serve essentially rich people who charter out boats. Med is a spin-off to Below Deck and actually is my favourite of the two programs because the captain in Med is a true badass. If you're looking for an easy watch and are a lover of reality TV this is definitely one for you! 

I've seen a lot of controversy surrounding 13 Reasons Why and I am in two parts of mind about it. I haven't actually finished the second series yet and have only finished two episodes so please no spoilers but in my personal opinion this show breaks the boundaries by discussing issues and subjects that can be deemed tabboo in the entertainment industry and has got people talking 

I've watched Modern Family from the very beginning and I think I will continue to watch it until it finishes please don't ever finish though. There's nothing better to me than getting home from a long day at work, where I don't want to have to pay attention and want to have a couple of laugh-out-loud moments and I can always rely on Modern Family to tick that box. It's the perfect 'when ironing' show, an easy watch, entertaining and never gets boring. 

Although my TV schedule is looking pretty full up, I am dying to know what you've watched recently that you've loved, let me know in the comments below! 


  1. I really want to watch Thirteen Reasons Why but I don't want to find it triggering as I have depression! It's such a hard one to know what to do haha xx

    Lauren |

  2. Ooh I've heard so many people talking about Safe, definitely one to add to my watch list. I've been watching 'Scream' and its really good, a bit like Riverdale!

    Lucy | Forever September

  3. Oh I love Modern Family! So good!

    x Lisa |

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    1. Modern Family is so funny! Gloria is hilarious hahaha. You're right, it's the perfect show to put on in the background while doing chores!

      Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog  

  5. Safe is definitely on my list to watch next! I loved 13 reasons why. There were some parts of the last episode I didn't agree with but I'm keen for a third series for sure!xx

    Lucy |

  6. I'm always looking for more Netflix shows to watch so this is absolutely the blog post I need! I'm definitely going to be watching Safe tonight- thank you so much for sharing your favs! Sending you good vibes - have a wonderful weekend!

    Nati x | | @NAfterCoffee

  7. I really enjoyed 13 reasons why, although very dark at times. I'm yet to watch Safe but it's definitely on my list! xo

    Nnedi |

  8. I need to get cracking with season 2 of 13 Reasons Why - I really enjoyed the first season! Safe sounds like an intriguing watch too xo

    Char |


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