Friday, July 13, 2018

My 4 Base Summer Face

I honestly can't tell you how much I've enjoyed not wearing foundation over the past couple of months. My freckles are pretty much in full bloom and my holiday tan still mildly staying and with the heat we've been very lucky to have in England I have just been putting the bare minimum on my face and have LOVED giving my skin more breathing room. 

Most days I've been starting my base off with the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow Beauty Flash. I don't tend to use it everyday, but if I'm going out for drinks or dinner after work which is most days in the Summer I love that this gives me a bit more of a glowy and luxury finish to my face. I only apply a pea-sized amount as too much can end up looking a bit greasy in this heat. I've still got a couple of these miniatures but once I run out of the travel sized product I know I'm going to have to get the full sized product too as I can imagine it's going to give my skin life in the Autumn and Winter time too! 

After primer I have of course been going in with my BareMinerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. I don't need to go on anymore about this product other than the fact that it works with Wonder Glow beautifully, it's your skin but better and evens out your skintone without covering freckles which is a big win for me! I'm super excited because BareMinerals has also come out with a new Complexion Rescue Defense product which aims to really moisturise during these hot months so I can't wait to compare it to the original! 

For blush I've been going back to an old favourite; my Milani Luminoso  Blusher. I did try really hard this summer to try more blushers in my collection including Benefit Dandelion and Coralista which I loved but I just keep reaching back for Luminoso. I think because I've been wearing champagne and peachy toned eyeshadows it just blends all the makeup together. I've clearly been loving the shimmer this Summer as I've non-stop used my No7 Shimmer Palette 'Rose' . I don't even use this as a bronzer or a highlighter to be honest, I pretty much just dust it everywhere and anywhere and almost use it as a setting powder risky I know! This has got to be one of my favourite No7 products I've ever tried as it just gives you that Summer glow and all round shimmer and has both pink/bronze and champagne tones throughout it meaning it doesn't need to be applied to anywhere specific.

Let me know in the comments below 4 products you can't stop using this Summer and also....are you ready for Autumn yet dare I even ask?! 


  1. The Milani Luminoso Blusher looks so pretty!xx

  2. I really have to try out some Bare Minerals products soon, people seem to adore the brand!

    Danielle xx

  3. I love my milani luminoso blusher, such a cult classic and perfect for summer!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. I definitely have to try Charlotte Tilbury's products! Love your blog xoxo

    Natalie Santamaria

  5. These all look so lovely!😊

  6. I've had my eye on the Bare Minerals for ages! I love a light base and in this weather especially, a proper foundation just feels like too much!

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  7. Loooove these bases! Such perfect picks for summer

    Ellie xx


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