Saturday, September 29, 2018

10 Reasons I'm Not Ready For Autumn (Just Yet)

Yes okay I know I put up a transitional haul on my blog the other day but that by all means doesn't mean I am ready for Autumn to start. Literally I am not ready. It was like when the week of the 30th of August started everyone was tweeting out "who is ready for cozy knit jumpers, boots, hot chocolate and all things Autumnal?". Not me. Not just yet. So here we go, 10 reasons why I'm not ready for Autumn.

1. 17 degrees is too hot for PSL and Chai Lattes.
OK yes I have a cup of tea in the morning and in the afternoon at work, but sometimes I like to treat myself to a chai latte on my commute, whether before the tube least likely because the northern line is like a cattle transport machine or when walking to the office. In this heat, I am bloody sweltering if I drink a chai on my commute. So for now, I'm going to keep my distance from Starbucks until it actually gets to below 10 degrees. 

2. Rain
I can't tell you how many tweets I've seen saying how excited they are for the crisp cold air and leaves falling off the trees. Can we please just remember we're in the UK for a minute?! Don't get me wrong, there are totally some fabulous crispy cold days, but most of them are rainy, drizzly and they aren't just on Sundays where you're cocooned on your sofa hungover, they are also on a Saturday afternoon when you've planned to go out with your friends for a day shopping and you end up being soaked through. 

3. I still have a sunny holiday booked
Okay yes partly my own fault for booking a holiday in October, but I was desperate for some last minute sun which now isn't looking very likely, thanks Spain. I'm going to have major seasonal effective disorder when I get back.

4. It's the end of outdoor post-work drinks
The Londoner within me absolutely loves going for after work drinks or drinks with friends in beer gardens where it's less stuffy, less busy and less....well wet and cold. Back to inside the grimey pubs we go. 

5. I don't own enough 'transitional' shoes
Can anyone let me know what kind of shoes I can wear in Autumn that are smarter than trainers, not pumps and not boots?! Because I don't have any. 

6. In fact don't own enough 'transitional' clothing
Currently every morning I'm stressed with the decision on what to wear. Firstly it starts with the shoes and then it's like, will I be too cold in a tshirt? Too hot in a jumper? Too early for long sleeves?! 

7. I can't be arsed with wearing high maintenance bold lipsticks just yet 
Summer to me was the time of barely nothing makeup but when my freckles sadly disappear I look a little bit pale and ill so need to wear more of a base and coverage and I just cannot be bothered. Red lipstick? No thanks, can I please just stick to my lip balm and lip gloss for a little longer?

8. My Duvet is too thin
Okay so apparently for some reason during the day we are reaching like 17 degrees but in the evenings it's like 6/7 degrees? My room is just not ready for this, my massive blanket is in storage and I just haven't got round to buying my winter duvet yet. 

9. It's no longer acceptable to have gelato most days  
All I'm saying is that it felt a lot more acceptable to go "but it's Sunny" and have ice cream 3 times, sometimes 5 times a week....what am I going to do without my Haagen Dazs Cookies & Cream?

10. There are just no 'Autumnal' activities in London
Every year I see people going to pumpkin patches or fun Autumnal pumpkin fairs but there just isn't anything like that in central London....or at least not that I know of! At home in Zurich there's a gorgeous Pumpkin farm where you can go for the day, have lunch, go on walks where they have pumpkin statues/competitions, apple pick and buy apple cider etc. Also if you live outside of London there are so many cute pumpkin patches but you always need a car to get to them, which this Londoner does not have. 

Any help on getting excited for Autumn greatly appreciated, including number 10, who knows of any Autumn fairs?! 


  1. I love autumn, but I'm dreading the rain!

  2. I am totally with you on this! We had such a glorious summer that I don't want it to end! xx

    Beautylymin | Ecooking Skincare Bundle Giveaway

  3. I just had a PSL in the sun today haha - it was very confusing! So jealous you still have a holiday booked - it definitely keeps you positive /excited about stuff. I do also hate way the days feel so much shorter as I'm way less motivated to do things in the evening when it's dark :(

    Jasmine xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

  4. I'm completely ready for it here in CA!! But I also own zero transitional shoes, and I don't know what's best for this time of year :/

  5. I love Summer too but I’m so excited for the cooler weather!

    Arianna |

  6. I loved this blog post, but I am so ready for the autumn. I am much more of an autumn girl than I am summer!

    Danielle xx

  7. I don't think I'm ready for Autumn yet. I am not a fan of the freezing mornings and waking up to darkness in the morning. Better to make most of the remaining sunshine, right? Also, in the mornings I dress like freezing weather and in the afternoon I regret my choices! I need more sun and heat!

    Ela BellaWorld

  8. I'm not the biggest Summer fan so I've been ready for Autumn for months, haha! I just hate the heat, the flies and wasps in Summer so I'm excited for the cooler weather and no insects, haha! It's definitely hard dressing for the transitional weather though - some days I'm not wearing enough layers and some days I'm melting!

  9. I agree with you about the transitional clothing, but I guess its just another excuse to go shopping!
    Chloe X

  10. I do hate the cold weather, but I quite enjoy Autumn fashion and the cosiness! Also, this is the run up to Christmas which I am always happy about xo

    Char |


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