Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Product of the Month: October

I thought I'd do something new on Iridescent Places which was to highlight a product of the month, choosing one product which I've been absolutely loving in my collection throughout the month. I find singular product reviews actually the hardest to do as I always wonder if I've written enough to actually justify a blog post but I know with September's product there is definitely enough to discuss! 

Recently although I've been obsessed with my much-loved Lush cleanser 'Ultrabland' for ages, when I ran out of it, I switched over to the Biore Charcoal cleanser which I have been obsessed with, my skin feels so cleansed and clean and it hasn't dried out my skin nearly as much as I thought it would do. However, as I've been travelling on holidays and for work, switching between hand luggage and check-in boring unnecessary information I know I couldn't bring that cleanser with me because it was far too big. I did think about depotting it, but that just seemed like too much fuss so instead picked up a cute little 100ml of the Garnier Miscellar Water in Primark. 

The reason why I didn't repurchase Ultrabland is that I do tend to use A LOT of cotton wool pads when I use that product (literally can use up to 6 to make sure I remove all the product) whereas when I use the Garnier water I use max 3 cotton pads. In my blog post 'Why I Can't Trial Skincare' I spoke about how hard I find it trying out different products, but I do remember when first trialling this product that I didn't break out at all. This has become such an easy go-to travel cleanser for me and I found my skin neither dried out, actually strangely moisturised and I didn't break out at all. Whenever I do take my makeup off I start it with makeup wipes just to get the first layer and grime and then go in with my cleanser. I've found it takes off so much of my eye makeup too and I'm not left with massive pander eyes in the morning.
If you've got dry and sensitive skin and are looking for a cleanser that actually comes in a travel mini too hail to Primark, it only costs like £1.50 I would highly highly recommend.  I don't know whether anywhere else does the 100ml as it seems the drugstores only do 125ml which is mildly annoying but knowing Primark offers it is a true blessing. I also barely use like any of the product and look how much I still have considering I was away for two weeks!

Let me know if you've used this product and your thoughts on it and what your product of the month would be in September! 


  1. I love this product too, especially when travelling and I have oily/combination skin so it really is a holy grail all-rounder! x

  2. Micellar Water is definitely a winner, I have been using it for years

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  3. I am going to have to try this out soon, I have heard such good things about it!

    Danielle xx

  4. I love the mini bottles for travelling & definitely prefer this to Bioderma! xx

  5. I have super sensitive skin! Definitely want to try 💕

    Arianna |

  6. I'm obsessed with Garnier's Miscellar Water, used it for years and forever re-purchasing! It's so cheap as well!

    Zoey |

  7. I used to love this micellar water, it removes makeup so well!xx

  8. I have been in love with this for years! Couldn't imagine using anything else, it works extremely well and is so affordable too xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  9. I swear by this stuff! It's so perfect for travelling and I didn't even know the one sold in Primark was 25ml less than the drugstore ones!xo

    Char |


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