Monday, November 19, 2018

3 Blog Posts That Made Me Really Re-Think

Blogging for me has always been a little bit of an escape, somewhere where I can just read and talk about a new Revlon lipstick I'm loving and delve into a world about fashion and style whilst I sit there in my Primark tracksuit bottoms and old highschool jumper. Although it usually is an escape, I've come across three blog posts recently that have really resonated with me and made me think that little bit differently. 

I've been following Ellie's blog Petite Ellie for a while now and honestly am obsessed with all of her content and pictures. Her post "Am I Having Enough Fun? Because Social Media Makes Me Feel Like I'm Not" really got me as it was something a bit different to what I usually go to read on blogs. I really think it hit a nerve as I totally related to everything she was saying about how everyone is in competition with each other, but not only on social media, but also generally in life. I sometimes do sit there and think "if I don't post about it, will people think all I do on my weekends is sit inside and binge Netflix ", but I'm like - who careeesss?! Because yes, most of the time I do sit in. It's a great post that reminded me just because I go on holiday somewhere, or book tickets to something I don't need to compete or feel the need to post it anywhere. 

Another blog post that really got me thinking was one published today by Victoria from In The Frow. "Is This The End of PR Packages" really made a bit of an impact on me, for two reasons. I actually work in PR so it's funny and very fortunate to sometimes to be on both the receiving end of PR packages when part of my job is to sometimes send out PR packages too. I think we're definitely becoming a generation of guilt nowadays, I feel as if I can't use a plastic straw or run a tap without feeling immense guilt that I'm killing our planet. I do definitely find that some PR packages I receive are far too reliant on those instagrammable boxes filled with confetti, when really all we care about are the contents. You can get inundated with quite a bit of products that you wouldn't necessarily use either, for me that's skincare as I trialing skincare is really hard for my sensitive skin. Victoria's post though has linked me though to some great charities that will take donations like Wigs For Heroes. Seriously recommend giving this post a read. 

Lastly Emily's post  "7 Things I learned After Instagramming A Photo of Obama & Losing 4K Followers"  really had me. Essentially after posting a photo of Obama on her Instagram 4,000 people unfollowed her. Whether it was because they didn't support Obama, didn't think it was 'on brand' or just hated the picture, essentially a lot of people have a lot to say about an Instagram photo. Although I can't lose 4K followers mainly because I can't reach past 2K I seriously know how you feel when people take your gram too personally. There were so many points in this blog post so I won't talk about them all, but the one that resonated the most was about how she thought about the unfollows all day. Social media is seriously damaging our mental health, like Ellie said in her's, some of us try and put on this facade of our lives on social hands up I have totally done it and we take it so personally when someone unfollows. Secondly the point about putting up a photo that isn't 'on brand'. I feel a lot of internal pressure to find posts that will 'match my brand' or 'match my blog' but sometimes I think, who the hell cares, if I want to post a non-white background flatlay photo, I should?! Although I then think I can't be surprised if Claire who has followed me because of my lipstick swatches unfollows because she doesn't give a crap about a photo of me and my mum on hols. You just can't win hey?

Anyways a bit of a rogue and long blog post but I'd love to know if you read any of the above posts and what you thought of them in the comments below! 


  1. I definitely understand your internal pressure to match your brand! I felt like that for ages, when I just started posting what I wanted to my following stagnated for a while but then started to grow again and now my followers interact with all my content not just the pictures with white or marble backgrounds!!

    Emily xxx

  2. I am going to have to take a look at these, thank you for sharing!

    Danielle xx

  3. All of these blog posts sound great! I did really enjoy reading Ellie's post and totally agreed with everything she said and touched upon within the post! I also hate unnecessary packaging, especially plastic - the guilt does sit with you because ultimately you're the one who ends up throwing it in the bin because it can't always be recycled.. I can't believe we're in 2018 and plastic is still being used unnecessarily!xo

    Char |

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