Sunday, November 4, 2018

My Three Favourite Primers

A product I am definitely far too lazy for to remember to put on is usually primer. As someone with dry skin I always remember to prep my skin with moisturiser but a lot of the time primer is something I tend to give a miss on an everyday basis unless I'm going out after work and need my makeup to stay better put throughout the day or I'm going out out on the weekend. 
So when I do manage to actively remember to put on a primer it's usually on of these three which I use for all very different reasons. 

When I'm having a bit of an oily and bad skin day which is currently right now the NYX Pore Filler Primer* is a great drugstore primer that makes your skin a clear and even canvas to apply makeup onto. I tend to have quite big pores on my cheeks and if I'm going for a heavier matte foundation for a night-out this definitely reduces the size of them. I do get quite confused when a primer says to use it alone trust me if I'm having a no makeup day, that means NO makeup at all so I've never used this alone, but if you're someone who needs a product that just adds a flawless complexion I definitely would recommend. 

On a night-out I usually want a bit more of a glowy complexion so the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow* is the first thing I grab. I wouldn't necessarily say this is one of those primers that makes your makeup last any longer, but instead is just adds to your complexion. Sometimes I find with glow enhancing primers they usually have flecks of glitter in them not what I want on my face whereas this just provides a champagne/golden sheen to your base. I've found that it works with most foundations whether matte or dewy and doesn't make my makeup slip underneath it either. 

A relatively new product in my collection is the Revlon Photoready Protecting Primer.*  which when I looked at it I was mildly concerned it had this white undertone to it so would wash me out, but instead have found that it reduces redness. If you're someone who doesn't like a silicone based primer, but still wants that soft and smooth feeling this is such a great find. I actually find it quite hydrating as well for my dry skin but without feeling greasy too.

Let me know in the comments below what one of your favourite primers is and how you make sure to incorporate it into your daily routine! 


  1. Wonder glow is such an insane primer!! I literally use it everyday

    Ellie xx

  2. I love Wonder Glow! I wear primer every time I wear makeup - I don't think my foundation applies as nicely without it xx


  3. Thanks for sharing these, been on the lookout for a new primer to try!

    Lotte |

  4. That Nyx primer looks so nice! I need to try it 😊

    Arianna |

  5. All of these sound great! I'd love to try the CT offering xo

    Char |

  6. The NYX primer is one that I've been meaning to try for so long. I either go for awhile without any primer whatsoever (terrible, I know), or I stick to Baby Skin by Maybelline. Definitely want to branch out & try a few!

  7. I love illuminating primers and Wonder Glow is such a good product! I also love the Nars Radiance and the Too Faced Hangover. As someone with dry skin I find that a hydrating and glow inducing primers are an absolute staple in my makeup routine - I don't really need it to make my makeup last but to keep it looking fresh for longer. x

    Beatrice | Strawberry Makeup bag

  8. The NYX primer sounds really good, I'm currently using a primer from ELF and loving it!

    Lucy | Forever September

  9. I love Wonder Glow, it is such a stunning primer!

    Danielle xx

  10. I really like the Revlon Primer, it's so lovely on the skin xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

  11. the Pore Filler sounds really good!

  12. In the beginning, I never used primers before make but as we know that change is part of life so I started using them. You have to change yourself rather you want or not. Because nothing in this world goes according to your wish or your desire. You have to work with the same flow with which your life is bringing you. Anything opposite to it may cause serious problems for you.

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