Monday, November 26, 2018

Product of the Month: November

I literally can't believe we are coming up to December, I have been frantically trying to buy Christmas presents in the past couple of days but I feel as if I've still got such a long way to go and who made Christmas presents so expensive?! Anyways, with another month nearly done and dusted I thought I'd share another product of month which are the Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Crèmes*. I've got these in the four shades; Nude Honey, Barely Blush, Cashmere and Peony Blush. 

Nude Honey*: This is my favourite shade out of the range, a pure nudey pink with a slight brown undertone perfect to wear on top of any nude lipstick. I love wearing this on top of Charlotte Tilbury's Pillow Talk if I'm looking for more of a glossier finish. 

Velvet Mink*: The deepest shade of them all, this is a mauve purple with a slight brown undertone perfect for Autumn. I included it in my Mauves for Autumn post and literally wear it on top of any of the mauve matte lipsticks featured. 

Cashmere Crème*: If you're looking for a Summer peach lip topper to pair with Charlotte Tilbury's Bitch Perfect this shade is gorgeous. A pinky peach shade, it's only got a slight tint to it and almost mirrors Colourpop's Fairy Floss. 

Peony Blush*: And for Summer you can't go wrong with Peony Blush. A vibrant pink this almost reminds me of a Barbie lipgloss you would have has a kid. 

Packing wise, as these are drugstore they do look on the cheaper side of lipgloss, usually I do prefer a doe-foot applicator when it comes to a lipgloss, however saying that I do find that they can become a bit gross inside the tube so I've actually been enjoying the squeezey tube. They're thin and light as well so perfect for popping in your handbag.  

I don't tend to wear lipgloss all that often but I have to say the formula of these are really pleasant. These do give your lips that old-school lip tingling plumping sensation, but without being painful and feels more like a 'cooling' effect. I don't tend to wear these on their own but instead on top of other lipsticks and find that they sit really nicely on both matte, creamy and satin finish lipsticks without moving the lipstick underneath around. They give off a beautiful shiny and glossy finish, almost a juicy finishing to your lips! 

The one thing to bear in mind, as always with a lip product, especially one that is a gloss, is the wear-time. I find that these usually last around 2-3 hours and I do have to top up after eating or drinking but to be honest, it doesn't really bother me. They have the same wear-time as my Colourpop one and as it's quite a no-fuss packaging product it's pretty easy to top up on the go anyways. 

Let me know in the comments below if you've tried the Revlon Kiss Plumping Lip Cremes and also what your favourite lipgloss product is! 
Left to Right: Cashmere Crème, Nude Honey, Peony Blush, Velvet Mink 



  1. Peony Blush is so pretty *o* I haven't used Revlon for ages but I see they make lots of new interesting products :)

  2. These sound great! I haven't worn lipgloss in ages, but am really loving the look at the moment so may have to give these a go! Sound especially great because they're lip plumping too! xo

  3. I'm more a matte girl than a gloss, but having said that, these do look gorgeous! I quite like glosses in a squeezable tube too!

    Lucy |

  4. These look lovely I have been wanting to try more lipglosses

    Candice |

  5. I've been loving gloss lately, so I'll have to check these out! I love the packaging it's so cute xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  6. They seem similar to Clarins Natural Lip Perfector, which I love so I'll have to try one! xx

    Beautylymin | Pat McGrath Lipstick Trio Giveaway

  7. I use to be obsessed with revlon lip products way back when, I definitely need to get back into trying them. x

  8. These look so lovely, I think I am going to have to try some of these out for myself!

    Danielle xx

  9. All of these shades look beaut! Especially Velvet Mink xo

    Char |

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