Tuesday, December 18, 2018

My #Pethood Story: Kiara and Toni | AD

I can't really describe the love and bond between a pet and an owner. Last week I went home and visited my two cats and forgot how hard it is to be away from them.  As you probably noticed on multiple of my social platforms I am indeed a beauty, lifestyle and most importantly, cat obsessed blogger. You will probably notice these two as they have regularly featured on my Instagram and Twitter feed.  I've always grown up with cats and one in particularly I shared most of my life with, Kai. We got Kai a traditional Siamese chocolate seal point when he was 4 years old and had him for 14 years. He was pretty much the center of our family and when we finally said goodbye to him it was pretty hard to come home to an empty house. I think everyone who has a pet, no matter how big or small, can agree that they are part of your family. 

Because we were so used to having a cat, we definitely had a missing hole in our heart and home. 

Breed: Tabby Siamese Mix 
Age:  7

That's when we found Kiara. We rescued Kiara from a Spanish animal shelter as a kitten. She'd clearly had a rough time in life to begin with, she was only tiny and her mum had sadly passed away so they had to fend for themselves. Immediately we knew Kiara was going to make an excellent 5th member of the family. Even if that did include her bizarre love for olives and tomatoes. She was originally called Xana but to make it easier for ourselves to pronounce, we decided to change her name to Kiara after my much loved Disney film The Lion King. 

Breed: Siamese Chocolate Seal Point 
Age: 10 

We had Kiara for 2 months when I spotted Antonio on the same animal shelter website where we rescued Kiara. A 4 year old Siamese Chocolate Seal Point, he was identical to our Kai. Next thing you know my mum was on her way to Spain to pick up Toni. Kiara and Toni immediately got on and have a pretty special bond too, either they're curled up on the sofa together or outside playing chase, they act like brother and sister. Toni is very much my dad's cat and follows him around the house endlessly. I think our family can agree that both of them have pretty much changed our lives since we've had them I can't believe it's nearly been 6 years! 

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  1. I feel like I am very much a dog obsessed blogger. I don't think that people without pets know the kind of bond that you get!

    Danielle xx

  2. I love this blog post. My feline princess is a rescue and my life wouldn't be the same without her, a scared shy kitten turned into a cat queen who rules the house... but one that has accepted that me picking her up and cuddling her all the time like an annoying human mum is just the way it is. #PethoodStories xxx

  3. I've had dogs my whole life. My first dog Ben was a rescue dog and he grew up with me until I was 10 years old - he was my best friend. You never forget your first dog! #PetHoodStories xx

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  5. I've had cats all of my life, and I got my current 2 from our local cats protection. They'd been found in a garage along with their mum, and they were all very poorly. Luckily they all made it, and our vet who had lovingly cared for our last 2 thought we'd be interested. We've had Oliver, and Millicent 5 years now, and they're such characters. Oliver is very vocal, and loves to play, and Millicent loves to follow me around everywhere. They love going to the vets as they see the one who looked after them when they were found. I have a parrot as well who finds them very entertaining. They're very affectionate, and come to bed every night, and I wouldn't be without them. #PethoodStories

  6. I absolutely adore cat's and cannot wait for the day where I can get my own! They're such loving pets xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk


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