Tuesday, February 26, 2019

A February Rundown

So January turned out to be one of the longest months in history, the 13th of January felt like day 679 and turns out February, although has gone relatively quickly, has been a bit of a mad one. 

I felt work wise I've never been so busier in my whole entire life. I was abroad with work for a week and although it was blue skies and 28 degrees, I am literally still catching up with all my emails and personal life admin. You basically fall behind because you get zero emails done as you're on location and being away from home means I may have potentially paid my ground rent over a month late. Oh well. Thankfully I absolutely love my job and it doesn't really feel like a chore, but it is busyyy and doesn't look like it will calm down until April time so I'm basically just living off tea and my motivational Spotify playlist as my new diet. 

Home wise, I have felt SO homesick. I haven't been back to Switzerland since the beginning of December and haven't seen my parent's since Christmas too and I just need to get home, but with work being so crazy it's going to be another month until I can finally get a day off to fly home for the weekend. I was reading Char's blog post on "Suffering with Homesickness"  and it actually made me feel so much more comforted knowing that there are other people (especially my age) that still get homesick. I think my homesickness always gets a little heightened too when something goes wrong or I have a little bit of a stumble ugrh boys, you just want your home oh and my cats. Basically I miss my cats. 

Thankfully I've been bloody busy otherwise throwing myself into doing as much as possible when I can outside of work. Even though I was away with work for a week, I managed to fit in many a brunches, lunches and dinners. My flatmate and I have a new favourite called Emilia's Handcrafted Pasta and it's pretty darn fabulous and highly recommend! I went to York this weekend to visit one of my besties and even though I had to make my way down early on the Sunday for work, it was so nice to have a little city break, catch-up and have a night out. I've also got tickets to see Waitress tonight  which I'm buzzing about so I can hands up say I've not exactly been moping around. 

I was hoping March was going to calm down a bit, you know having one weekend to mope around the flat but with another work trip, my Birthday obviously the biggest event of the year, going home and concerts I don't see it being a restful one, maybe my March goal can be to try and have at least one evening in a week.... let's try for April? 

What was your February like? Let me know in the comments below if you too have felt like you've been running a million miles an hour! 


  1. I hope that March is amazing for you sweetie!

    Danielle xx

  2. I always think that I'd love to go away with work, and I think other people feel this way too, but when you actually do it I bet it's not always everything it's cracked up to be! Also, thank you SO much for mentioning my post - that makes me so happy to hear that it helped to comfort you. I honestly thought that I was the only 23 year old ever to suffer with it and I was the only person not to grow out of it.. So the feedback I've received has been seriously reassuring. I really hope you can get to Switzerland ASAP to see your family Caroline :) xo

    Char | www.charslittleblog.co.uk

  3. Have been living in UK for about 19 years ( I am married, my husband is English) and I do still miss home (France) from time to time although when I am in France visiting my family then I miss UK ( odd isn't it?) . Hope you get to see your family real soon.



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