Monday, April 29, 2019

6 Things To Do In London This Spring

I've been living in London for nearly three years and I have to say I bloody love it. Don't get me wrong, there are days where I couldn't think of anything worse than getting the tube, or having to deal with the lack of greenery, but all in all I feel pretty damn lucky to live in such a cool city. With such a cool city, I feel as if I've been on a mission to do as many experiential and quirky things as possible.  At Christmas I posted a blog post on 6 Things To Do In London This Winter so I thought I would do another one! I mean not all of these are 'outdoors' activities because...well let's be honest, the London weather can be unpredictable! 

1. Something that I've done twice before and will probably continue doing is the Backyard Cinema. My flatmate and I have just got tickets for a Sing-A-Long for The Greatest Showman for their 'L.A Nights' theme. Basically backyard cinema is an experiential cinema where they dress up the venue, you sit on bean bags and either watch old/new movies and it's just overall pretty damn good fun. They always make so much effort in the production and scene, and the tickets really aren't that expensive if you get early bird ones too! I can't wait to live the L.A nights....before I go to L.A this Summer! 

2. I bloody love me stand-up comedy and when my brother came over the other weekend I couldn't think of anything to do. He isn't particularly fussed when it comes to musicals and there wasn't a play that took our fancy so we got tickets to The Comedy Store. Honestly we had such a laugh, as you would expect. We saw six different acts and there was such a great diversity in them. 

3. Hidden Underground is run by the London Transport Museum which gives tours of old and disused underground stations and passages throughout London. Anything to do with history and 'hidden' automatically reels me in. My flatmate and I chose the Clapham South Subterranean Shelter tour which takes you through eight deep-level underground stations that were used to house and protect people during the Second World War. We had the most amazing guide with us and I learned so much. They have loads of different tours across different tube stations including Churchill's Secret Station and Charing Cross. Book fast though as these tickets really do sell out fast! 

4. Something that you don't necessarily need to plan in advance is grabbing a couple of your friends and renting some Santander bikes. I'd actually never been on a Santander bike until a couple of months ago, but that weekend it was honestly the most beautiful Spring day that we went and hired a couple of bikes and cycled around Clapham Common. You basically hire the bike for £2 for the day, but you do have to pay £2 for every 30 minutes if you ride for more than 30 mins. So I think we did only cycle for half an hour, meaning we paid £2 but it's just something fun to do, get some fresh air and also means you can totally treat yourself to an ice cream from the vendor. 

5. Lastly is definitely something that is a bit more odd, which is to visit the Sir John Soane's Museum. So before I went I had no idea who John Soane was but he was a famous architect who designed the Bank of England and the Dulwich Picture Gallery. The museum is actually the house of John Soane and contains, to be frank, the most bizarre and extensive collection of furniture, antiquities, sculptures and paintings that he collected including the Seti sarcophagus which is really something amazing to see! It's a free museum and only takes about an hour to look round, really just go for the fact that it's just an odd collection of weird and wonderful things!

6. One of my favourite food markets in London is Mercato Metropolitano in Borough literally about 5 mins away from my flat. This place has everything you could ever want, the best pizza, ginormous G&T's, wine by the bucket loads and many many food options. Rain or shine there's indoor space and perfect for friends, family or even dates as it's very casual but always buzzing and a great atmosphere.

Let me know if you've done any of the above in London or if you know of any weird/fun/quirky things to do, I'm literally always looking for recommendations! 


  1. I'm going to be spending a lot of time in London this Summer so I'll definitely make sure to check some of these out- especially the market!
    Chloe X

  2. The backyard cinema sounds incredible, we have something similar in Australia but not as nice haha.

  3. I love stand up comedy, it is such a good evening!

    Danielle xx

  4. This blossom picture is so lush. We also need to sort going to the new V&A exhibition. AND I still want a spring/summer outfit purchases update complete with all the new gold jewellery you've been wearing xx


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