Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Recent Lifestyle Favourites

I've been meaning to read this book for an absolute age and I seriously enjoyed it. I literally could relate to so many moments of her life especially around dating in London in your mid-twenties. I laughed hysterically in parts but also teared up in some too. I've seen some negative reviews saying she wasn't relatable or superficial but to me I really enjoyed it and thought she spoke from the heart and personal experiences.

I mean I don't know a better feel-good show that's currently on than Queer Eye. I tend to watch a lot shows that either based on heavy dramas, crime or reality shows with quite a bit agg so for me it's so nice to have a feel good show to watch every now and again. I can hands up say I have been known to cry multiple times at this show. I think the premise is absolutely amazing, the team don't just change the exterior of these people but instead work on their confidence and bringing them out of their shell and teaching them about self-love I'm welling up just thinking about it. 

So I've decided I want to start doing a little scrapbooking inspiration a-la my flatmate Emily which kind of documents what I've been up to living in London for the past couple of years. I wanted to do a couple of sections like favourite food places, nights out, concerts, musicals and touristy things. Although it's actually turned out to be a bit of a pain to start buying so many of the photos! I had quite a few issues with some of the online ones which just kept crashing because I had so many and some were from my DSLR so quite big, so my flatmate recommended Lalalab which is so easy! I use the mobile app where you can literally just chose your photos from your camera roll, edit and order straight away. You also earn credits every time you buy and if you refer a friend they get £5 off their order and so do you.

So my flatmate and I went to go see Waitress not too long ago and we were literally obsessed. We cried from laughter and I did maybe cry from being an emotional wreck too. Honestly, Katherine McPhee's voice is phenomenal, I'd never heard her sing didn't know she was on American Idol and honestly was blown away by her voice. Not only that but I forgot how bloody fantastic Sara Bareilles is as a song writer! Not going to lie to you, the musical soundtrack on Spotify has been constantly on loop whilst I've been at work. Like am actually currently listing to Opening Up right now. That along with She Used To Be Mine are my favourite.

What have you been loving recently? Any good book or musical recommendations? I've just booked to go see 9 to 5 and I'm so excited! 


  1. Love this post (and that I got a named mention!) Also loving Line of Duty... even if it does require a tonne of concentration on a Sunday evening haha. Cannot wait for 9 to 5 and for Backyard Cinema. Official request for an outfits I'm loving post with the cwtchy H&M jumper & jewellery purchases xx

  2. I adore Waitress, it is one of my favourites!

    Danielle xx

  3. Queer Eye is one of my faveeee netflix series! Such a feel good watch!!

    Lucy | www.lucy-cole.co.uk

  4. Absolutely loved Queer Eye S3. It's one of those shows that makes me laugh, then sob grossly, then laugh again in a 3 minutes span. And how good are Bobby's home transformations?! I need him to come to Italy and fix my home XD

    Beatrice | Strawberry Makeup bag


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