Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Revlon Cushion Lip Tints*

[Ad - Contains Gifted Products] I feel as if I am totally throwing it back with lip tints. I remember buying a load of lip tints from Claire's Accessories and when Benefit came out with their 'Benetints' it was like a reboot of my childhood. I was so excited and intrigued when these Revlon Cushion Lip Tints* came through my letter box as they looked both a little bit interesting but also intriguing.

Available in 10 shades, these cushion lip tints are a moisturising infused with coconut lip tint which provides a boost of colour. With a soft cushion applicator (similar to the Maybelline eraser eye concealer) it provides you with an even and opaque finish. 

I feel as if lip tints to me almost have high expectations for longevity as they are supposed to 'stain' your lips and there's really barely any product to actually come off, and the Revlon formula definitely upholds to it. These have such a great lasting power and I don't need to top it up until halfway through the day and rather than it 'crumbling' off, or smudging off like liquid lipsticks or matte lipsticks, it almost fades away instead so it isn't as noticeable.

As the formula is hydrating rather than it just being a matte tint affect or simply just tinting your lips like the 'Benetints' it does create a thin sheen/satin layer on your lips which I prefer as it actually feels as if you're wearing more of a lip product. 

My favourite shade at the moment to wear is the 'Pink IRL' and the 'Crimson Feels' which literally scream out 'Spring' to me. I've got my eye on the 'Fancy Rose' shade as well which would be amazing for an everyday.

Left To Right: 'Crimson Feels', 'Berry Lit', 'High End Coral' 'Pink IRL' 



  1. These look and sound amazing! A great pick for spring and summer. I love the look of Pink IRL! It looks so pretty x

    Lauren |

  2. Gorgeous shades! I really want to try these out but I have so many lippies in my collection already!

    Angela at Blush & Pearls

  3. Oooo I haven't seen these yet! I definitely want to check them out now

  4. I love the look of these, I am a sucker for products like this!

    Danielle xx

  5. The shades are so lovely and so perfect for the summer!

    Lucy |

  6. These look so lovely! I really like the idea of a coconut infused lip product... sounds really moisturizing! I love the Pink IRL shade.

    Thanks for sharing Caroline! :)

    - Laura |

  7. I've not seen these before, but they look super pretty! I love how they're infused with coconut. Definitely need to look out for these when I next go shopping xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

  8. I can't believe I still haven't stolen these... *raids make up drawer when I'm home*


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