Friday, April 5, 2019

My Travel Bucket List

So since coming back from a very exciting work trip from Koh Samui, Thailand I've been thinking about where I want to head next. I've got some exciting places already booked this year including Sweden, Estonia, Finland and a potential road trip in the States but since going back to the Far East I'm desperate to go to some of the below places.

Vietnam - My friend went to Vietnam for 2 weeks and I was absolutely in awe and so jealous of her trip. I've heard so many amazing things about Vietnam. I'd want to do quite a bit of travelling around the country and on my bucket list include Ho Chi Minh, Hanoi & Halong Bay and am sure when I actually look into it many other places! I think Vietnam will be my next to-visit holiday, my cousin got me a travel guide for my birthday so I basically have to go now! 

Sri Lanka - Another place I've seen so many people visit recently and I am so curious to go as it looks like an absolutely gorgeous country. Of course Ella and Kandy are on my destination list along with visiting the Sigiriya fortress. It just seems like such a vibrant and rich country. 

Indonesia - Firstly I'd have to go to Jakarta and visit the National Museum and National Monument, but I'd also love to go visit on of the Thousand Islands too (not actually a thousand islands) and go scuba diving there as apparently the crystal blue waters are absolutely stunning.

New Zealand - Also one that's been on my list, when I went to Australia when I was younger I was gutted we couldn't fit New Zealand in our trip. I feel like New Zealand would take me weeks to do as I'd want to do Wellington, Auckland and Rotorua so a little scattered all over. Obviously I'd have to go to The Hobbiton Movie Set even though I'm not even a big Lord of the Rings fan....I just feel like I couldn't miss that opp!

Malta - Somewhere I'm hoping to eventually make it to this Summer! To me Malta has that perfect combination of a Summer city break with the additional bonus of a beach. If you google Malta you're basically inundated with photos of a crystal blue sea and prehistoric fortresses and temples. I mean anything that combines beach days and culture is a win! I love cities like Nice and Barcelona as you feel like you are definitely getting the best of both worlds! 

Russia - On a different note Russia has been on my list for a while too. Originally I planned on making a stop at St. Petersburg this year whilst doing the Baltic tour, but in our schedule we just couldn't make it work going so instead next year for my birthday I'd really like to go to Russia and do St. Petersburg and also Moscow. I'm in absolute awe of the architecture in Russia and it's just one country that has sat on my bucket list for the longest time!

Where's next on your travel wish list? Am unsurprisingly always looking for some travel recommendations, favourite place you've ever visited?



  1. New Zealand is on my list too! It looks so beautiful and so fun to explore

    Anika |

    1. I know right, I definitely need to go there asap! x

  2. Sri Lanka is on my list!! I have some friends that recently went and their stories have made me sooo desperate to go!! x

    1. I know right I feel like everyone is going recently so I am definitely having some FOMO haha! x

  3. I would love to go to Sri Lanka, it has always been on my very long list of places to travel!

    Danielle xx

    1. Same here! I think I have to do Vietnam first and then maybe Sri Lanka the year after! x


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