Sunday, May 5, 2019

Product of the Month: April

Although guaranteed not a new product in my collection, the Charlotte Tilbury Eyes to Mesmerise pots are one of my most loved and used products I would say in my collection. I recently uploaded My Everyday Makeup  blog post which of course featured this cream eyeshadow and to be honest I don't think these get enough love in the beauty community at all, I hands down think they will be one of my holy grail products can you tell I'm obsessed? 

The Eyes to Mesmerise pots are cream eyeshadows with a formula so silky they apply effortlessly for either a base or entire lid affect. I have the two below shades; 

Bette - A long-lasting cream eyeshadow in Amber Gold 
Jean - A long-lasting cream eyeshadow in Champagne Pink 

As you can tell Jean is my most used out of the two, mainly because it's worn pretty much everyday. I tend to use these more as a base rather than an all over the lid eyeshadow. I usually go in with a big fluffy brush into a crease brown shade, apply Jean with my finger tips and then top up with a shimmery shadow. 

To me this product is what keeps my eyeshadow lasting all day. There's no need for a primer as it's a tackier formula meaning eyeshadow sits so well on top of it and it truly does last all day. They are extremely pigmented and I can't even match the formula to any other cream shadows I've used. I also find that you don't use a ridiculous amount of product either, as this pot has lasted me a really long time definitely over a year and hasn't dried out at all, the formula still remains intact.  

The one thing I would say is a downside of this product, is that it isn't exactly travel safe as the pot is glass, which of course being as luxurious as Charlotte Tilbury definitely adds to it. Although saying that, it is a pretty darn sturdy one and has made many flights still intact. 

There are 7 shades in the collection, all pretty neutral in tone including Marie Antoinette which is on my wishlist! I'm totally obsessed with this product and like Pillow Talk, I know that when I finish the pots which will be a sad day indeed I will 100% be repurchasing them. 

Left to Right: 'Bette' and 'Jean' 
Let me know in the comments below if you've used Eyes to Mesmerise before and your thoughts! 


  1. I love the Eyes To Mesmerise formula - at the moment, I'm obsessed with Rose Gold! xx

    Beautylymin | L'Occitane Perfume Giveaway

  2. I've never used these before but they sound lush! Such easy shades to work with. xx

    Lucy |

  3. I am yet to try anything from Charlotte tilbury but there is so much on my wish list from them, including these cream shadows that I don't know where to even start.

  4. I've wanted to try these for so long, and you have beautiful shades! I definitely need to give them a try xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush


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