Thursday, June 13, 2019

5 Blushers You Need For Summer

It may not look like all, but I'm at the point where I can't just hold on to my blog posts for when mother nature decides to finally give me my optimum weather. Summer is here...and if not, at least it is somewhere else around the world where you may be potentially go for your hols. Blushers are somewhat one of my biggest guilty pleasures and I seem to keep accumulating them so I thought I would share the 5 blushers you need for Summer, all giving you that pink/peachy glow for when the sun...finally hits your skin. 

Firstly is an oldie but a goodie. The Clinique Cheek Pop 'Peach Pop'  which I've probably had for far too long, but I just can't bear to part with it. This is one seriously pigmented blush, but my god is it creamy and pretty. If you're a fan of bright blushers this one is perfect for you. Next to my other peach blushers it's not nearly as orange based, but next to a pink blush, it's definitely got another undertone. I find this looks gorgeous when I've got a bit more of a tan as it doesn't look too striking otherwise. Although so pigmented you only need a light hand, it's so buttery and soft that it blends effortlessly, but lasts all day too. 

Two of my Summer blushers are from the Benefit Cheekathon Palette. Honestly, this palette was such a bargain. It's got 1 bronzer (Hoola) and 4 Blushers (Dandelion, Rockateur, Dallas and Coralista). Essentially you get 5 full sized products which would usually equate to £130 but the palette cost £40. Onto the actual blushers, the ones perfect for Summer are Dandelion which is a dusky yet bright pink, perfect for everyday and if you're wearing a soft natural look and Coralista, which is a peach blush, as you can see from the swatch it's more orange toned that Peach Pop. I bloomin' love Benefit products and think they're such high quality and also so long-lasting. I'm not sure if they even sell this palette anymore as I couldn't find it anywhere except on Amazon which is so sad, but you can still buy them individually! 

I've mentioned the Sleek 'Rose Gold' blush quite a bit on my blog recently as it's firmly becoming a staple in my everyday makeup this Summer. Supposedly a dupe of Nars' 'Orgasm' blush, 'Rose Gold' is a stunning bright pink blush with gold shimmer and flecks throughout it. I find that Sleek blushers do require a bit more of an effort to blend through but the colour payoff is definitely worth it. 

Lastly is the newest addition to my blusher collection which is the L'Oreal Life's a Peach Blush. I would like to say I didn't buy this solely on the fact that it smells bloody fantastic, just like peaches, but in all honesty, that's pretty much why I picked it up. Although saying that, this has turned to be one of my favourite new purchases. Albeit very similar to Benefit Coralista, this blush is a little bit more bright and also a bit more matte. What I have learned now from using more orange-toned blushers is that they absolutely do not work with rose gold or pink-toned eyeshadows, stay very clear it's not a good look, but it looks gorgeous with more nude-toned or bronze eyeshadows. Have to say, I'm still pretty glad I purchased this solely on the smell.  

Let me know in the comments below what some of your favourite Summer blushers are and also what you're most looking forward to....when the rain finally stops.... 
Sleek 'Rose Gold', Benefit 'Dandelion', Benefit 'Coralista', Loreal 'Life's a Peach', Clinique 'Peach Pop'  



  1. Clinique Peach Pop is my kind of blush! xx


  2. Such pretty picks! I always use the same kind of rose gold blush. I need to venture out into more of the peachy tones x

    Lauren |

  3. I love the look of the L'Oreal peach blush!

    Lucy | Forever September

  4. That clinique peach pop blush looks absolutely gorgeous. I too have recently started loving that L'Oreal paris peach blush it's surprised me so much how well it's lasted.

  5. lovely picks! i love the peach blush! thanks for sharing

    Jadieegosh   Instagram

  6. I love Sleek Rose Gold blush! It's a great alternative to the Nars blush! And I love the look of the other blushes here too! The L'oreal one is calling my name! I love peachy blushers with bronze eyeshadows and a dewy base in Summer xx

  7. All of these blushes are right up my street!!
    Amber |

  8. I love this Benefit palette, I’ve been lusting over their new ones with the cookie highlighter in too. VERY tempted to buy the Cheekleaders Mini Bronze Squad Palette whilst it’s 30% off on x

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